Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fishers Freedom Festival 2011

Two Seaside Babes participated in this year's Fishers Freedom Festival. It was our second time being accepted to it. Last year didn't go as was over 100 degrees on both days and our booth was in the full sun. Full sun + wool hats = not many sales. So this year we asked for a spot in the trees and luckily got one. Luckily, it was also 20 degrees cooler. Couple that with an emphasis on our part to bring more warm-weather items, and it turned out to be a much better show for us this year.

It was our first outdoor show of the year. I always do enjoy setting up the canopy, hanging the sheers and buntings, and getting an overall "boutique" feel to the booth. It makes it seem so much more inviting than indoor shows where you can't present that to patrons.

Our onesies and headbands were well-received once again. The most popular color? As always, it's our Shades of Pink with the matching lace headband with Hot Pink flower. This time around, we managed to get all 6 color combinations done (we've only had 3 at the last few shows).

We really placed emphasis on our hair clips for this show. We made sure to have 6 deep of every single color combination. That's a LOT of mini flowers! They were very well received, so all the work was worth it. And don't you just love all the colors?!?!

Our cotton hats went over very well, as they always seem to in Fishers. Our traditional Flapper Beanies (there were oodles of soon-to-be and brand-new mommies!), Visor Flapper Beanies, Striped Flapper Beanies, and Striped Visor Beanies. We have hundreds of little girls items in our booth and the best seller overall was a boys style! Go figure right? We sold 4 of our Navy Blue, Ecru, and Chocolate Brown combination.

We also thoroughly enjoyed the company of Tag You're It Jewelry, KB Shimmer (I can't go to a show without getting some of her lavender sugar scrub!), and Addison Ava (I love, Love, LOVE her dresses!) too.

3 comments: said...

I love your set is very inviting!

Anonymous said...

wow, it's beautiful! If I ever decide to do another craft show, I soooo would use grid walls--they are wonderful! ;) I love all the colors--and that it looks neat and pretty--not chaotic (chaotic scares me)--yours flows just perfectly! It's gorgeous!!! I wanna go touch everything in your booth now.... ;)

--Jen, MBB

polka dot skies said...

Your booth looks fantastic! I can't imagine anyone walking by without stopping in for a look! Colorful, organized, plenty to choose from--perfect!
xx Elizabeth