Monday, June 20, 2011

flowers, Flowers, EVERYWHERE!

3 flowers on each hair clip trio card x 24 color combinations x 6 deep = 432 flowers

2 flowers on each gingham hair clip card x 11 colors x 6 deep = 132 flowers

1 flower on each stretchy lace headband x 6 colors x 5 deep = 30 flowers

3 flowers on each onesie x 6 color combinations x 6 sizes = 108 flowers

432 flowers for hair clip trios + 132 flowers for gingham hair clip pairs + 30 flowers for stretchy lace headbands + 108 flowers for onesies = 702 flowers (now if my math is off, get over it...seriously...there's a reason I'm an artisan and not an accountant!)

702 flowers = flowers, Flowers, EVERYWHERE!

And that's only the mini flowers! Don't even get me started on the cotton flowers for our Flapper Beanies. Or the single, double, and triple-layer flowers for all of our headbands.

Why are we surrounded by flowers you ask (because seriously, we're talking about important stuff here babes!). Well, you see, our summer shows last year were hot. HOT. No, not even HOT...scalding! I'm not exaggerating either...I was sunburned each and every show. We're talking 100+ degrees every single day. Not really the best weather for trying to sell wool blend hats. No one would even try them on. The only thing that saved us was our hair clips and headbands.

So we came up with a new booth design that would allow us to display our hair clips 6 deep (as opposed to singles with our old setup). And we came out with a number of new designs...our onesies and matching stretchy lace headbands. So really, that's a LOT of mini flowers I've been making lately.

And while that may FEEL like a lot of mini flowers that I've been doesn't really LOOK like that many when they are all out on display (excuse the poor's raining out right now and the light is pahooey in the house right now!):

So, now I'm not sure if I'm impressed with all the mini flowers or a little disappointed...

Or, maybe just crazy.

I guess I'll find out this Saturday and Sunday at the Fishers Freedom Festival!

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