Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zionsville Brick Street Market 2011

Two Seaside Babes participated in this year's Zionsville Brick Street Market. It was our second-best show last year for sales, so we were very eager to be a vendor at it for our second time. We had the same spot, the weather was virtually the same, and we went there with almost $4000 more in inventory. We were prepared! And totally stoked!

But it was a different year. And while we didn't do nearly what we did last year, we were still pleased with how many sales we got. Regardless, a giant show like this is fun to do...hundreds of vendors lined along the historic brick street in Zionsville, quaint shops lining the street, and giant tents to stay out of the rain (READ...vendors don't have to worry about their own tents!).

About 30 minutes before the "start" of the show.

Our brand new onesies and matching headbands went over very well again for the second show in a row. Stay tuned...we'll be listing them on Etsy in about 1 week!

Our new grid walls. They allow us to get so much more inventory in our booth. Our old setup only allowed 1 set of each hair clip style that we had. Now we can get about 12 on each peg. Our American Girl doll hats also went over very well again...we contribute those sale to this new and better display.

Full tables. They don't ever stay that neat and tidy for very long. The compulsive freak in me goes crazy on show days with messy tables!

Our cotton hats went over very well this show.

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