Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Orchard in Bloom

This past weekend Two Seaside Babes was a vendor at this year's Orchard in Bloom, which is set in the prestigious Holiday Park in Indianapolis. We were lucky enough to be in the very first tent next to the north entrance. And even luckier enough to be next to ReFind Originals and Frangipani Body Products, who totally kept us company during those long 4 days.

What can we say? It rained. A bunch. And was windy. A bunch more. Our products were well-received with oodles of wonderful compliments. But sadly, our buyers just didn't seem to be at this venue. While we still did over 4 times our booth fee (for those who know, it's pretty darn hefty), we're taking this as a sign that we won't be participating in Orchard in Bloom again.

Unlike our typical shows where our Buckle Beanies, matching Textured Scarflettes, and cotton hats are super popular, our lesser-priced items took off at this show. This probably had a lot to do with having a somewhat-new booth layout. We had purchased grid walls that allow us to display our hair clippies much better. Instead of having 1 each, we can now have between 6 and 12 deep in each style or color. As always, our best-sellers continued to be best-sellers at this show.

The grid walls allowed us to display our felt purses with crocheted flowers on them. We sold all but 2! And we're excited about having more color combinations for our future shows. Our American Girl doll hats also went over very well.

But most importantly, we had been using Orchard in Bloom as the testing launch for a brand new product. We were very excited with how well it was received, and how many were purchased. In about 1 more week we'll be launching it on Etsy and in our online stay tuned! **if you take a look at the photos, and are familiar with our product lines, you'll be able to see the new crocheted goodies!**

Now we're prepping for one of our best shows last year, the Zionsville Brick Street Market which will be held this year on May 14th.


LilacAve said...

I'm excited to hear the new line and the little purses sold so well!!!!!! I think this will be a fabulous launching off point for your summer shows! Best of Luck.
<3 Deb

And P.S. Thanks for writing this up. I *wish* I could find more write ups like this for shows I'm interested in participating in.

laura said...

Yay! It looks very pretty!! I will be seeing you at some shows this summer! EEEKSS! :)