Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Half Off SALE: ALL Hair Accessories

In an effort to streamline our Etsy shop more, we will be moving our head bands and hair clips to a second shop. Currently, we have less than 1/4 of our show inventory listed in our main shop and feel as though it's making it very cluttered. So, to get them out of the shop very quickly, we are offering the remaining 5 dozen or so at 50% off! The prices have already been changed to reflect this sale. Once they are sold, they will not be relisted at these prices.

Gingham hair clip duos Was $4, now $2!

Rhinestone-look Crocheted Flower Headbands Was $5, now $2.50!

Hair Clip Trios Was $6, now $3!

Stretchy Crocheted Flower Head Bands Was $14, now $7!

Silk/Bamboo Crocheted Flower Head Band Was $18, now $9!

And be sure to stay tuned in about 1 week for the launch of our brand new hair accessory shop on Etsy.

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