Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Half Off SALE: ALL Hair Accessories

In an effort to streamline our Etsy shop more, we will be moving our head bands and hair clips to a second shop. Currently, we have less than 1/4 of our show inventory listed in our main shop and feel as though it's making it very cluttered. So, to get them out of the shop very quickly, we are offering the remaining 5 dozen or so at 50% off! The prices have already been changed to reflect this sale. Once they are sold, they will not be relisted at these prices.

Gingham hair clip duos Was $4, now $2!

Rhinestone-look Crocheted Flower Headbands Was $5, now $2.50!

Hair Clip Trios Was $6, now $3!

Stretchy Crocheted Flower Head Bands Was $14, now $7!

Silk/Bamboo Crocheted Flower Head Band Was $18, now $9!

And be sure to stay tuned in about 1 week for the launch of our brand new hair accessory shop on Etsy.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zionsville Brick Street Market 2011

Two Seaside Babes participated in this year's Zionsville Brick Street Market. It was our second-best show last year for sales, so we were very eager to be a vendor at it for our second time. We had the same spot, the weather was virtually the same, and we went there with almost $4000 more in inventory. We were prepared! And totally stoked!

But it was a different year. And while we didn't do nearly what we did last year, we were still pleased with how many sales we got. Regardless, a giant show like this is fun to do...hundreds of vendors lined along the historic brick street in Zionsville, quaint shops lining the street, and giant tents to stay out of the rain (READ...vendors don't have to worry about their own tents!).

About 30 minutes before the "start" of the show.

Our brand new onesies and matching headbands went over very well again for the second show in a row. Stay tuned...we'll be listing them on Etsy in about 1 week!

Our new grid walls. They allow us to get so much more inventory in our booth. Our old setup only allowed 1 set of each hair clip style that we had. Now we can get about 12 on each peg. Our American Girl doll hats also went over very well again...we contribute those sale to this new and better display.

Full tables. They don't ever stay that neat and tidy for very long. The compulsive freak in me goes crazy on show days with messy tables!

Our cotton hats went over very well this show.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pretty In Pink Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Megan Martin of Spice of Life Designs for being the lucky winner of our $224 Pretty in Pink Giveaway. This tweet by Megan, "I just entered the Pretty in Pink Giveaway by @TwoSeasideBabes! http://www.twoseasidebabes.blogspot.com/", was the winner! We received almost 800 entries...most of them new "likes" to our Facebook page, but also a large number of Facebook "shares", tweets, amazing appreciation photos, and blog entries.

Also, as a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing, we also decided to draw another winner for a $25 gift certificate (our way of saying "thank you" for helping us to get 700 new "likes" on Facebook). Becky Marchback Hartong won that gift certificate with this uber adorable appreciation photo that she posted on our wall.

Many thanks to all of our fans and customers that helped to spread the word about our giveaway. Your support and kind words are truly appreciated. Stay tuned in the future...we're hoping to hold a few more big giveaways like this one!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pretty in Pink Giveaway

Two Seaside Babes will be turning 3 years old on May 14th! It's been a long, and often trying and tiring road, but we've made it. And to say thank you for helping us to build our business from the ground up, we are having a Pretty in Pink Giveaway. Yes, yes, yes! One lucky winner will get all of these 14 crocheted goodies (valued at UP TO $224) from our shop. There are 20 chances to win. Only one is required. But the more you enter, the more likely you are to win!

The Goodies:

Entry #1 (required):

"Like" Two Seaside Babes on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TwoSeasideBabes and leave a comment under this post letting us know you have liked our page (and what name you liked us as). If you are already a fan, just post a comment letting us know.

For ONE more additional entry:

Post a link on Facebook to all your friends, family, and fans (yes, you can do it from your business page too!) letting them know about this giveaway. To let us know that you have done so, just @Two Seaside Babes (you must type the @ to have our fan page pop up on your list of pages...and also to directly share on our wall). Come back here and leave a comment letting us know you have posted on Facebook (and what name you posted as).

UP TO FIVE more additional entries:

Post appreciation photos of our products being worn or used on our Facebook page directly to our wall. One entry per photo. You can post as many photos as you like, but we will only give 5 entries maximum. You do NOT need to come back here to leave a comment...we will automatically county the entries from our Facebook page. If you've already posted appreciation photos, those will count as your entries (just make sure to post up to five photos to get all five entries!)

UP TO TEN more additional entries:

Refer your friends to "like" Two Seaside Babes on Facebook. One entry for each fan...up to 10 fans. Your friends MUST post a comment to our wall letting us know "Such-and-such referred us". You need NOT come back her and leave a comment...we will automatically count entries from our Facebook page.

For ONE more additional entry:

Post a link on Twitter: Simply @TwoSeasideBabes at www.twitter.com/TwoSeasideBabes with something like, "We just entered the Pretty in Pink Giveaway" with @TwoSeasideBabes! http://www.twoseasidebabes.blogspot.com". Only ONE entry, no matter how many times you tweet it. Come back here and leave a comment with your twitter username letting us know you have tweeted.

For TWO more additional entries:

Blog about this giveaway. Come back here and leave a comment with the link.

The nitty gritty:

~ The giveaway is open from May 8th, 2011 until May 14th, 2011 at 9 PM EST.

~ All entries will be pooled together and the winner will be picked using Random.org

~ There are no substitutions or trades. What you win is what you get. The winner will be allowed to pink SIZES for the Striped Flapper Beanie (preemie - adult), Shades of Pink Stretchy Headband (infant, toddler, or adult), and Shades of Pink Onesie (newborn - 18 months).

~ This prize package has no cash value.

~ All 13 items will be mailed to the winner...the items will not be split up and delivered to separate addresses.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our New Look

Yes, that's right. Two Seaside Babes has a brand new look. We've been looking for something new that was modern and very clean. We didn't want kitchy. We wanted to stay true to our "beach" theme so stayed with our light blue. But instead of doing black, we choose to do grey instead, since it's so much less harsh.

After months and months (literally) of tweaking, we're finally 100% happy with what we've created. We've received our new business cards, hang tags, and brand new hair clip cards already!

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new look.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Orchard in Bloom

This past weekend Two Seaside Babes was a vendor at this year's Orchard in Bloom, which is set in the prestigious Holiday Park in Indianapolis. We were lucky enough to be in the very first tent next to the north entrance. And even luckier enough to be next to ReFind Originals and Frangipani Body Products, who totally kept us company during those long 4 days.

What can we say? It rained. A bunch. And was windy. A bunch more. Our products were well-received with oodles of wonderful compliments. But sadly, our buyers just didn't seem to be at this venue. While we still did over 4 times our booth fee (for those who know, it's pretty darn hefty), we're taking this as a sign that we won't be participating in Orchard in Bloom again.

Unlike our typical shows where our Buckle Beanies, matching Textured Scarflettes, and cotton hats are super popular, our lesser-priced items took off at this show. This probably had a lot to do with having a somewhat-new booth layout. We had purchased grid walls that allow us to display our hair clippies much better. Instead of having 1 each, we can now have between 6 and 12 deep in each style or color. As always, our best-sellers continued to be best-sellers at this show.

The grid walls allowed us to display our felt purses with crocheted flowers on them. We sold all but 2! And we're excited about having more color combinations for our future shows. Our American Girl doll hats also went over very well.

But most importantly, we had been using Orchard in Bloom as the testing launch for a brand new product. We were very excited with how well it was received, and how many were purchased. In about 1 more week we'll be launching it on Etsy and in our online boutique...so stay tuned! **if you take a look at the photos, and are familiar with our product lines, you'll be able to see the new crocheted goodies!**

Now we're prepping for one of our best shows last year, the Zionsville Brick Street Market which will be held this year on May 14th.