Sunday, April 24, 2011

We're Back!

Yes, it's been a LONG 2 months, but we're back. So what's happened in the 2 months since we last blogged?

We sold our old home! Whew! **wipes brow** One (beyond) difficult buyer, one nuisance of a septic pipe, one problem after another. After another. After another. It took what felt like forever to close. Really, it was 59 days from initial offer to closing. But when you have 2 monkeys going through it with you and a business to run, it felt like forever.

We were in "limbo" between homes. Yes, we were that lucky family that had to close on our old HOME before our new home. Everything had to get packed up and put into storage. No beds. No toys. Just the out of suitcases for a few weeks.

We closed on our new home this past Thursday! We love, Love, LOVE it! It is just what we needed to fit our lives at the moment. The girls still have separate bedrooms, because gosh knows they don't have the ability to sleep in the same room. I have my own office! own dedicated business space! **jumping up and down with joy** A fenced in back yard. A lovely community within walking distance to the elementary school (okay, it's kind of a little hike. But on gorgeous Spring days it will be fabulous!). A super duper short drive to all of my supply shops.

City water! EEEEEeeeeee! We (okay me..the girls are too young to care) cannot even explain our animosity towards well water. At least, Indiana well water. To have chlorinated, non-stinky water without iron deposits is fabulous. For our skin. For our clothes. For our general sanity!

City sewer! EEEEEeeeeee! Did you see ever read any of our posts about having a septic system. You should. You'll totally get why this is SO exciting for us.

We've also been accepted to a number of shows this year. We'll be at this year's Orchard in Bloom for the first time. And also again at the Zionsville Brick Street of our most favorite shows last year. We're eager to hit our show season full force and introduce some new items, which we're hoping to introduce online in the next few weeks.

We've been working with some amazing photographers to redo a number of our online photos. Angel of Angel Canary Photography and Alexi Killmer of Child Essence Photography. Their work is absolutely amazing and has already done wonders for our sales. We're so honored to have their work grace our shop.

We've got a new "look". We'll be introducing our trendy and modern look as soon as we get our business cards (any day now!).

We've be doing a BIG giveaway. And by BIG, we mean GIANT. One winner. Over $200 worth of our goodies. So stay tuned for that one...we'll be doing it right around our 3 year mark (May 14). You know you so want to snag some of our goodies for FREE right?

We're most likely forgetting another dozen amazing things that happened to us the past 2 months. It's pretty hard to keep it all straight when things have finally begun to fall into place. It's been a long 29+ months and we're truly touched that so many of our fans and customers have continued to follow us, buy our products, and show us all of the support that we needed. We would not be where we are today without you all. Thank you to each of you.