Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Seaside Babes January Newsletter

Thank You

Ever wonder who it is that you're buying from? Well, that's us above...Two Seaside Babes. Customers and fans ask me all of the time where the name "Two Seaside Babes" came from. When I was pregnant, my midwife would refer to my girls (clearly I have two) as babes, since fetus was obviously so impersonal. It's something that has pretty well stuck. Since then, I often use it as a term of girls, beau, friends, family, customers, and fans. Indeed, if you are reading this, you are a babe. As for the "Seaside", I had been studying Aquatic Biology when I opened our shop and had an immense love of the Pacific Northwest at the time. So that's in a nutshell...the story behind the name Two Seaside Babes.

As for the story behind our shop Two Seaside Babes...I learned to crochet when I was 9 years old. I had to give up on that craft while I was in the Army...deployments to Kosovo and Afghanistan proved to not provide me with enough time to create. I left the Army while pregnant with my first daughter, and after a horribly long and bitter divorce I found myself in the predicament that a lot of newly-divorced, not-a-penny-to-their-name, stay-at-home-moms find themselves...with a severely large employment gap that does not look good on any resume. Couple that with an economic recession and it becomes the birth of Two Seaside Babes. Our business rose from need instead of want.

I opened our shop originally in May of 2008 (selling jewelry if you believe it!), on a whim, as creative outlet. Months later, after hundreds upon hundreds of applications for any job, and not receiving one phone call back, I picked up a hook, some yarn, created my own patterns and began selling my hats in our shop. Thousands of hats (and scarves, blankets, clippies, and other crocheted goodies) later and we find ourselves a thriving family business...just the three of us. When I say "we", I mostly mean me. Yes, my two rambunctious daughters are my "helpers", but I use that term quite loosely.

We would like to take this time to thank all of our customers and fans that have helped us to get where we are today. It has taken 32 months of travel on this very long, and often difficult, winding road. If it was not for all of the amazingly kind, supportive, and loyal customers and fans that we've had, Two Seaside Babes would certainly have found those steps just that much harder to make. We sincerely appreciate your business, kind words, and most of all support.

If you are reading this, you are indeed one of those amazing customers or fans that we hold so dear to our hearts. We that you for your past purchase(s) and support and hope that you continue to love what Two Seaside Babes has to offer.

To show our appreciation, we will be mailing out newsletters full of our latest products, current show schedules, and upcoming sales. You'll get sneak peeks of future products, be introduced to sales and discounts well in advance of our on line and local customers, and be the first to find out about giveaways for free products and gift certificates. Simply take a moment to sign up via the newsletter tab at the top of this page.

We at Two Seaside Babes wish you and your families a safe, prosperous, and plentiful new year.

What's New This Month:

50% Off CLEARANCE Half Off Section

Yes, that's right. Check out our CLEARANCE Half Off section here for 50% off all items. We are doing our end-of-year clearance on items that were slow to sell or we plan on discontinuing. Be sure to get them while they last (and at these half-off prices), because once they are gone, they will be gone for good! Stay tuned over the next week, for we still have approximately 6 dozen more items to add to this section!

Buy any big girl hat and receive the MATCHING doll hat for HALF OFF (contact us prior to purchase to receive discount)!

These hand crocheted hats fit 18" dress-up, play dolls including American Girl, Our Generation, Madame Alexander, Best Friends Club, and others. Each is crocheted in 100% cotton. Hand wash in cold water. Do not heavily scrub. Do not wring dry. Lay flat to dry. These hats can be made in other colors and larger sizes (larger sizes of our "matching" Newsboys include our signature buckle). Be sure to check out our matching big girl sizes too!

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You really are an inspiration!!!!

Blossom Art said...

All the best to you and your beautiful girls in 2011. Keep up the amazing work and attitude and the blessings will follow.

Happy New Year!

Suymey Benson
Blossom Portraiture Art