Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Workroom

Yes, that's our "workroom". It's not for work nearly as much as it is a collection point for all of our supplies, shipping materials, and of course, our stash. The room has a super odd layout. It used to be the carport and was converted into an inside room. Smack dab in the middle of this wall is a door going into the main part of the house. Directly across from this, on the other wall, is an equally annoying door leading to the bedroom. So not much usable wall space when it's eaten up by doors. It makes creating a usable working space...well...not so usable.

But it works for storing everything. Which is something we dearly needed.

Originally, we had everything in totes. Which proved to be a massive failure. We would have to dig all of the way to the bottom in the hopes of finding what we were looking for. We'd end up buying too much of one color yarn and always running out of another. So we got the bookshelves...and it's working wonderfully so far! We have all of our yarn in one easy-to-access place and can easily see what we're running low on. And of course it's quite colorful and pretty just to look at!

The top blue totes have additional yarns that are on tubes and do not stack well on the shelves. We also have a tote filled with buckles. And another that holds granny squares that we work on when we have a few moments of time. When it gets filled, we trim them and whip stitch it all together for our Granny Square Crazy Quilts.

Yet another door. This is an outside wall...what used to be the front of the carport. Ignore the hideous's being replaced (sometime when it's not monkey butt cold outside). But yes, just another problem that keeps from providing a good layout. If that wasn't already bad enough, there are also 2 giant 5' tall windows framing each side of the door. So it's completely useless space. Great light, but unusable wall space. But, we manage.

This is what we commonly refer to as the catch-all area. It has all of our hair accessory goodies...head bands, hair clips, ribbons, hot glue, jewels, and barrettes. We also have our buttons for our Textured Scarflettes, our postal scale, and sewing machine (not that we ever have the time to use it anymore).

Yes, that's door #4 there! While this door has finally been replaced, it has yet to be trimmed out. As if we really needed one more thing to add to our freakishly long to-do list? And yes, 2 more giant windows. Total...that's 4 doors and windows. Feng shui does not exist in this room.

This is our shipping center. We took our old computer armoire and converted it into a storage place for our envelopes, boxes, shipping labels, business cards, hang tags, tape, customs forms, and every other part of shipping that drives us absolutely bonkers. Yes, we are hoarders of USPS Priority shipping boxes. We never seem to have enough. And we're running low at the moment.

The inside of the shipping armoire. Yes, that's hundreds of envelopes you see there. And yes, we have to buy those in bulk. You know you're a full-time business when your shipping supplies try to eagerly out-do your work supplies.

Not really sure why we don't refer to this as the catch-all area. Here is our totes filled with some of our inventory. The majority of it is scattered throughout our real "work area"...ahem...the living room. Yeah, they're not looking so pristine anymore. Guess that's what happens when you do 24 shows a year and try and shove everything into a Durango like child trying to shove a dozen cookies in their mouth.

And more totes...filled with other crafting supplies that we don't have time to do anymore...scrap booking, painting, beading. And even more totes. Filled with yarn scraps. We refuse to throw anything out. We reduce, reuse, recycle. And can make something out of anything. So we make blankets, rugs, and pillows with those scraps.

So that's our "workroom" in a nutshell. Pretty nutty, I know. Of course now we're curious about what everyone else's work room looks like. Just post a link to your photos in the comments below. We hope that your room has a wee bit more fung shui than ours.

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