Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our Own Website!

We've finally done it...we got our own website! We struggled with making this leap for a long time now. Host after host proved to not provide us with what we needed in our online boutique. We eventually stumbled on one and are super pleased with what they have given us so far. We purchased a basic template from a graphic design company as the basic templates that we were given with our merchant were...well, basic.

We LOVE the ease of setting up our cart and inputting our products. While we're struggling with the photos (the merchant however does have a great photo editing site), we adore all of the other features. For those products that have many different attributes (sizes, colors), we can offer shopping through those features. Some people like to shop by size. Others by color. Take your pick...we offer both.

We particularly love this page. We love the lemongrass green of the Buckle Beanie with our template. Here, you can see how we set up our product pages...3 decent sized photos to see our product well (we try to show our hats in a few sizes, so the customer can "see" what it might look like on each age).

Now you can order a specific color from just 1 listing! Unlike on Etsy, where we had to create 1 listing for each size in every color that we offered, now our customers can choose to shop either by color or size for those products that we offer numerous choices for. We offer our Buckle Beanies in 5 sizes and 30 colors...that's A LOT of listings to search through on Etsy. We like to keep things simple and we hope that these new product checkouts will allow us to keep that simplicity.

Or perhaps you know what size you want...but not sure of the color. You can shop that way too!

What else does our site offer? An About Us page...yes, you can finally "meet" Two Seaside Babes! We have our current show schedule on our site, along with a page dedicated to all of our features, and a guestbook where you can personally add your comments about our products and services. Best of all...we offer a Gift Registry! If you're expecting a baby, shopping for a birthday, or perhaps Christmas, you can keep all of our products in one easy to remember place! We love, Love, LOVE this!

Of course, we have an easy to navigate cart...we accept Paypal, money orders, cashier's check AND credit cards now! And you can also track your order too.

We hope that you love what our new online boutique has to offer. We hope that it will allow your browsing and shopping experience with Two Seaside Babes to be just that much more enjoyable. Stay tuned as we still have to upload all of our products to our site. And yes...we'll be introducing new ones very soon!

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laura evans/photography said...

it looks awesome chica ... so exciting!! xx