Monday, January 24, 2011

Hostility Towards White Walls

I HATE white walls. Hate is such a horrible term. But it so aptly applies to my animosity towards white walls. This is my 7th home since I moved out of my parents at 18. I actually wasn't allowed to paint the first 5. I stretched with that last one and ended up getting my security deposit taken from me when the landlord found out I painted his walls bright, cheery yellow. Whoopsie.

So when I finally moved in here, these stark white walls were screaming, "paint me! Paint Me! PAINT ME!" And the only way to shut them up was to cover them in paint.'s so wonderful how a room finally feels "lived in" once you slap a coat of paint on the walls.

I read somewhere that your choice of color when painting your home is an indicator of your personality, sort of like how your favorite color supposedly does the same. True? I don't know. You tell me.

Our living room. It's bright. It's blue. VERY blue. I love it! Blue is supposedly serene and tranquil, the color of peace and contentment. Perhaps, since it also serves as my "work" room, this is quite true. I enjoy crocheting, and hardly consider it work. However, the living room also serves as the main play area for the girls. Serene and tranquil when the monkeys are awake and swinging from the curtain (yes, I totally scold someone at least once a day for doing it)? I don't really think so.

The dining room. Yes, again, it's blue. But I decided to go with a "beach" theme here...light blue, sand, and white. I think it pops very nicely with the 300+ pieces of cobalt blue glass that I collect. Brown is supposedly the color of stability and reliability. I don't really know how this applied to this room in the least.

The front entrance. A deep purplish/brown. Yes, I love's my favorite color! Purple is often associated with royalty and riches. Which is the furthest thing from the truth when this is the first room you enter the home in. Royalty? Riches? I'd paint my whole house purple if it brought me this!

Guess who else loves purple? Yeppers, that would be my youngest. And since she couldn't pick a shade...she went with 6 of them. This is my favorite room in the entire house. So fun, bright, and cheerful. Yes, I hand-painted those bugs and flowers on the white strip.

And yes, the other 3 walls are blue. Here other favorite color. But not subtle like me. She likes bright. Bold. Electric Blue!

One of my favorite paint colors ever. I had this in my last house too. I don't remember the name, but I can pick this shade out everytime I go the paint section at Lowes. Something about Mark Twain. Green is calming. The color of fresh beginnings and new life.

OK...maybe not ALL shades of green are calming. **ahem** Case in point...

And last, but certainly not least, my oldest daughter's room. The brightest one in the house. The one that makes me cringe thinking about what buyers (we're selling our home) are thinking evertime they see THIS room. I'm not painting over it. If someone can't see past the colors, then they're obviously not the kind of people that would like any color that I personally picked out for the wall.

So she picked out the very same colors that match her comforter. That wall took an eternity to paint. Stripes and textured walls...not good bedfellows.

I'm curious...what color walls do you have in your home? What do you think those colors say about you?

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laura evans/photography said...

i'm laughing because i LOVE white walls ... i love how clean & simple it keeps things. I love that everything works with white & i can brighten my walls with prints & of course photos.

Saying this i love colour also & the deep purple/plum in your enterance is gorgeous! love seeing your home chica.