Sunday, December 26, 2010

Year-End Clearance in Two Seaside Babes

Yes, that's right. You read it correctly. Two Seaside Babes will be doing a year-end clearance of those items that just don't seem to be selling how we had expected. Over the next few days, we will be adding over 100 items to this section, all available for at least 50% off the original price!
Currently, we are listing our Ready To Ship items. That means, within 24 hours of purchase AND payment, your item will be on its way to you! But do stay tuned as we will also be listing our Made To Order items.
Don't forget, once these items are gone, they will NOT be coming back to our shop.
RTS CLEARANCE Halff Off - Crocheted Flower Headband - Red, Pink, White with Jewel - ONLY Infant size available
Was $14, now $7!
RTS CLEARANCE Half Off - Crocheted Flower Hair Clips - Christmas Snowman, Presents, Rudolph Print with White - Limited Quantities Available
Was $6, now $3!
RTS CLEARANCE Half OFF - OOAK Crochet Cotton Scrap Rug - Country Red, Green, Brown
Was $50, now $25!
RTS CLEARANCE Half Off - Silk and Bamboo Crocheted Flower Headband - Salmon
Was $18, now $9!

RTS CLEARANCE Half Off - Soft and Fluffy Baby Blanket, Swaddler, Wrap - Yellow, Green, White - Great Photography Prop

Was $50, now $25!

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