Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tipton County Pork Festival

Two Seaside Babes participated in this years Tipton County Pork Festival. We did it last year and overall we were pleased with how we did. So we decided to do it again...and we were ecstatic with the outcome! We did 75% better...even despite the rain on Saturday morning. So what were our best sellers you ask? Anything didn't matter if it was our Buckle Beanies or our Scarflettes, we sold every single thing. And we have those 3 deep because they've consistently been our best-sellers.
Our boys striped visor beanies were also extremely popular, especially our olive green combo. I love how we can finally offer something to those parents with both boys and girls.
Our 4T - Preteen and Adult Buckle Newsboy Caps did amazingly well! There wasn't one color that really stood out. We love how our Buckle Newsboy Caps are a great alternative to those customers who really want one of our hats, but our Buckle Beanies don't fit them to their liking. That's how it always is...people can really wear one or the other. There are those lucky few that can wear both.
We're elated with how well our headbands did after we designed our new displays. We used to display them on a ladder, but found it was very difficult for customers to put one back on the rung without knocking a whole bunch over. These pillars that we created worked out wonderfully! We sold 5 times as many as we had with the other display, so obviously all the hard work we put into making them was worth it! (By the way, we wrapped the bottom of the display in tulle to cover it worked very nicely).

Next week we can be found at Art in the Park in Fishers. We would love to see you there!

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