Saturday, August 7, 2010

Two Seaside Babes Lovies Are Back

That's right! Two Seaside Babes has finally brought back our lovies! A number of months ago, our dearly beloved yarn had been discontinued. We struggled for quite some time finding a suitable replacement. We found one that creates just as lovely of a soft and fluffy texture as the old ones, but this one is thicker (so it holds it shape much better). We added the larger blankets (baby, toddler, and adult) some time ago, but had been holding off on the lovies.

So we've begun listing them and are thrilled with the response we've gotten so far. They are the perfect size, 15" x 15", and they are great for parents looking for a comforting and warm security blanket for their children. It's also amazing for photographer's looking for a soft, fluffy, and cuddly prop for newborn/infant photo shoots. It can also be great as a doll blanket for that babe that just loves to be a mini mommy.

We have oodles of colors available and they are each only $20.

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