Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Taste Of Fishers

Two Seaside Babes was a little wary of this event. We had yet to hear of any feedback in regards to past seasons for the event, but we knew the area would be great for our products. The morning started off horrible...I broke a table leg and had to quick run and get a new one. Then, just as my helpers left for the day, the skies opened up and the winds came blowing. The vendors were unprepared for the torrential downpour (barely any of us had our canopy sides up yet) and the howling winds (one vendor's tent blew away). Vendors were silently cussing to themselves (although some were out loud). But you can't really blame them. One vendor specialized in painted glassware and lost a heart-breaking amount of inventory. She packed up and left before the storm even ended.

But luckily it didn't last long. It drizzled on and off for a few hours afterwards. But it didn't keep the crowds away. They wanted their food!

Overall, the day may have started out bad, but it ended fabulously. Two Seaside Babes did almost twice as much as we were hoping for...making it our 2nd best show ever! We're thinking the cold weather might have had something to do with it though ;-) Our best sellers?

Our Adult Buckle Oatmeal, Black, and Charcoal (our best-selling local colors)
Our 4T - Preteen Buckle Newsboys (pink of course)
Our Infant Flapper Visor Beanies (light pink/white and chocolate brown/pink as always)
Our Silk/Bamboo Headbands (we sell oodles of these in Fishers for some reason...we're not complaining...just stating)

Now, we're taking 5 weeks off from our shows. In the meantime, we're hitting our inventory full-force to prep for our busy fall season. Our next show will be the Tipton County Pork Festival in Tipton, IN September 9 - 11. Come on out and see us, we will have amazing fall items just for our local customers!


polka dot skies said...

Congrats on your show! I love the headbands! Adorable!

A Stone's Throw said...

Glad to hear the show was a successful! Your work is amazing!!