Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something New

About a week ago we were bored and just decided to try something new. Something that we had no intention on listing on Etsy or selling at our shows. We took an old amigurumi pattern and used a super soft, chunky, textured yarn to create these uber adorable elephants. While the pattern declared the finish elephant to only be around 6" long, these big ones turned out to be MUCH bigger than that.

We were so happy with how they turned squeezably soft with overstuffed bodies, ears, and tails. Each one had a small braided tail (which we think totally added to the overall cuteness of it). We lightly stuffed the trunk and curled it over, stitching it to the head (not like what the pattern called for). We loved this idea as it is the perfect "handle" for little ones to tote their elephant around.

Like we said, we really had no intention on selling these. But after the response that we received from the kiddos and a few "awwwww"ing adults, we decided to see the response we might get from them at our last show, CarmelFest.

Out of the 2 we had there, we sold 1. For $30. So we're thinking of doing a few more and having a bucket full of elephants available at future shows. Up next, a gorgeous pink/brown that we found yesterday along with the most perfect gray! We can't wait to get a few more crocheted and start working on some more animals now! Stay tuned for more and come out and see them in person at our next show, Brownsburg Festival of the Arts on 17 July.


LilacAve said...

Really is the cutest thing EVER!

Sue Runyon said...