Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brownsburg Festival of the Arts

Two Seaside Babes participated in this year's Brownsburg Festival of the Arts. We attended last year as patron and thought it might be a wonderful opportunity for a summer show. We were quite pleased when we received our acceptance. We've worked long and hard on creating more summer-friendly products for our warm-weather shows.

Unfortunately the heat doesn't bode well for trying to sell wool hats. Despite the horrid heat (it was mid 90's with a heat index over 100), we still did better than expected. It was our first time ever doing a show in Brownsburg and we were thrilled with the response that we received over our products. Unlike most of the summer shows that we have done, it wasn't our hair clips and headbands that went over well. It was our hats! So yes, we have absolutely amazing customers that can brave the heat to try on our hats!

We LOVED our spot! And we're hoping to get the same one when we apply next year. We were shaded for a majority of the day, which we believed definitely helped with selling our hats. And of course being right next to one of the 2 gates could perhaps have helped a little with the sales too ;-)

What were our best sellers? Our American Girl doll hats! We love when little girls choose to spend their money in our booth! It's one of the biggest compliments ever! Our boys hats have been going over extremely well this summer. But our biggest seller at this show was our cotton Buckle Newsboys!

Now, we're building up our inventory for our last summer show...we'll be at this Saturday's A Taste of Fishers. Then a month off before we start our BUSY fall season. We hope to see you at some of our shows!

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