Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fishers Freedom Festival

Two Seaside Babes participated in this years Fishers Freedom Festival (June 26 - 27). We loved our was our first outdoor "booth" show of the season. We got to use our brand-new buntings, which we think gave it a really nice boutique feel. We got tons of compliments from other vendors on the look and feel of our beach-themed booth. We added our new headbands, featured on our headband stand at the left front of our booth. We were super duper excited about the prospects of the weekend.

Saturday turned out pretty darn good. Our location wasn't too great. My row of vendors seemed to be the discarded lot that had to suck up straight sun rays for the entire weekend. Every other vendor had shade. And thus, much more tolerable conditions. We had no electricity, and thus no fans. It was unbelievably hot. So hot we didn't even want to look at our own hats. We admire our brave customers that tried on our Buckle Beanies. And we silently giggle at those mothers that forced their wee babes to try on the hats in the blistering heat. What we as mothers do for the cuteness of our babes!

Our headbands did pretty well. We had oodles of compliments (and sales) with our silk/bamboo ones. And our summer hats (our visor flapper beanies) also did very well. As for our wool blend, we sold a few Buckle Beanies and even a scarflette...Oatmeal of course! We actually did far better than our one day goal.

Which was pretty darn good considering day 2 was a total waste. It was even hotter. And church-goers hadn't even made it out yet. And the threat of a massive storm rolling in. And bad timing with the parade. Nothing seemed to be working today. But that's okay. Overall, the show was a success. Good enough for us to consider doing it again. But definitely not great for bragging to others about. But we'll take it.

Be sure to come out to CarmelFest this Sunday and Monday (the 4th and 5th). We'll be there on the North side of Civic Square. Come on out to see us...we'll have fans this time!

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Sue Runyon said...

Your booth looks great!