Monday, June 14, 2010

Blossom Portraiture Art by Suymey Benson

I've been working with Suymey Benson of Blossom Portraiture Art since summer of 2009. Suymey is a natural light commercial and portrait photographer serving the Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. It has been an absolute delight to work with Suymey. The professionalism in which she conducts her business, meticulous attention to each and every detail, thorough and speedy communication with merchants, and above most gorgeous photography has made each and every experience with Blossom Portraiture Art and outstanding experience that we will soon not forget. We eagerly look forward to our future business together. It is our sheer pleasure to have Suymey's stunning work grace the shop of Two Seaside Babes.

Our brand new Crocheted Child's Cotton Beaded Necklace - Fourth of July Red, White, Blues
Our 4T Toddler to Preteen Visor Buckle Beanie - Raspberry Pink
Our 4T Toddler to Preteen Visor Square Buckle Beanie - Sapphire

Our 1T to 2T Toddler Visor Square Buckle Beanie - Lemongrass
(was featured on during the holiday season of 2009 because of the adorable photo)

Our 4T Toddler to Preteen Buckle Beanie - Taupe
and our Crocheted Child's Beaded Necklace - Browns, Greys, Lemongrass, Pumpkin Spice, and Sapphire
Photography done by Blossom Portraiture Art by Suymey Benson - All designs are copyrighted by Two Seaside Babes. Photos are copyrighted by Suymey Benson. Please do not copy or use without permission.

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