Sunday, May 16, 2010

Zionsville Brick Street Market

Two Seaside Babes participated in the Zionsville Brick Street Market this year. We were very hesitant on doing so as we've come off doing 4 bad shows in a row. This is very odd for us. Even in the dead of summer we have no problem selling our hats. We worked our tails to the bone (and by "we" I mean two little monkeys tried their hardest to keep me from working my tail to the bone) to build up our inventory. We worked on some new styles and introduced new colors for a few hat styles. We also made sure to have a few colors deep of our best sellers. All the hard work paid off! In fact, it was our best show ever. For only an 8-hour show, we were absolutely astounded at how much we sold. We even walked away with a fairly large local wholesale order! Here are a few of our best-sellers:

All sizes of our flapper beanies in chocolate brown, light pink, and white. Oh...and of course our matching American Girl doll hats!

Our "new" (we introduced them last year but brought them back) flapper visor beanie. Light pink with white trim did the best and our chocolate brown/pink came in a close second. We sold all but 7 of them!

Thank goodness we received some of our items back from a few stores. This allowed us to double and triple up our best sellers. The best item of the day was our Adult Buckle Beanie in Oatmeal. We sold 3! And how could we forget our scarflettes. Yes, it was in the mid-70's and we still sold tons of them...3 oatmeal too!

So will we be doing the Zionsville Brick Street Market in 2011? Darn skippy we will!

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