Monday, April 12, 2010

ISOM Elementary Craft Show

Two Seaside Babes has always done very well at shows. Even in the midst of hot and humid weather, we can still manage to sell wool Buckle Beanies galore. ISOM Elementary Craft Show in Greenwood Elementary was not one of those shows.

It was inevitable. I would be foolish to think that we would do well at every single show we vended. It seemed promising...a craft show where the booth fees went back to the school; a decent neighborhood; a beautiful day. The compliments flowed like the Nile but the sales flowed like the stagnant puddle of water sitting in my backyard. It wasn't just me...if I can hold any solace in that. The gentleman next to me had been doing shows for over 15 years and it was the first time that he hadn't made his booth fee back. The lady next to me didn't make a sale all day long. It was a long, hard day filled with poor planning and horrible publicity. Their part, not mine.

I spoke to the organizers of the event. They stated that they facility could hold almost 75 vendors, but there were less than 30 there. Couple that with a first-ever show and a booth fee of $50, it wasn't very good planning on their part. But what is worse is that they held a major fundraising event the month prior. Had I know this prior to the show, I most likely wouldn't have applied. But it wasn't a total loss. I had so much free time that I managed to get 4 hats crocheted while I was there! Also, I sold so little (hey, I at least made my booth fee back...barely) that I have tons of inventory for my show this weekend at Chica Boutiqua in Carmel. This is a 2 day show where the proceeds are benefiting the Children's TherAplay foundation. See, there is a silver lining to every bad situation. Sometimes you have to look really, Really, REALLY hard to see it through all the tarnish ;-)

2 comments: said...

The set up looks great!!!! Your next show will be awsome!

giraffelabel said...

wow...your set-up is amazing! and, glad you can see the silver lining...i'm sure your next show will be great!