Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two Seaside Babes Newest Item: Doll Hats for Craft Shows

Two Seaside Babes participates in a number of craft shows, art fairs, and festivals throughout the year. Last year we participated in Carmelfest (Carmel, IN), the Riley Festival (Greenfield, IN), and the Christmas in October Craft Fair (Fishers, IN), among numerous others. This year, we'll be applying to some larger and more well-known fairs such as the Talbot Street Art Fair (Indianapolis, IN), the Fishers Freedom Festival, and the Fourth Street Festival of the Arts and Crafts (Bloomington, IN). **Please wish us luck in getting accepted to all of these!**

Anywho...I digress...the majority of craft shows, art fairs, and festivals are typically held during warmer months. Two Seaside Babes predominantly deals in cold-weather items. Yes...it's a problem...we are already aware of this. To curtail the lag in sales that we're expecting in the dreaded hot Indiana summer months, we are adding a few new items to help us. Not only are they warm weather-friendly items, but they are also lesser priced too! A bonus for those spur-of-the moment sales. So in addition to the crocheted flower headbands that I've already posted about, we will also be introducing American Girl (and other 18" doll substitute) doll hats, headbands, and perhaps clothing.

We will be introducing doll hats to match our toddler and children's hats already/will be listed on Etsy. Styles included will be our flappers with daisy flowers, flappers with visors, and mini headbands. And we plan on introducing a few styles that only the dolls will wear (lucky girls). So stay tuned...someone might convince us to start selling them on Etsy too ;-)


nikid said...

THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE!!! However, I do not think my 2 boys would appreciate ti if I bought them dolls to go with your hats! :O)

Cams said...

Adorable! I think they look even better than the name brand offered.

S and O said...

your blog is gorgeous:) and those hats are too cute!!!
Thank you for following our blog:)
We're following you now as well!