Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Seaside Babes Friday Finds

I have been coveting every item in momiboutique's shop since I first found her on Etsy. I especially love the newest item from her Spring line, Tahitian Sunrise. This awwwww-worthy twirl dress would be the envy of all mommy's in your playgroup. Go ahead, show your little one off. The $87 spent on this totally cute dress would be worth every penny (any totally worth all the glares from the green-eyed monsters in the playgroup).

Over the past few years, I've grown to love this yummy color combination. Strawberries and chocolate? Seriously, there is something quite wrong with you if you're not craving it after this delicious and squeezable bear from camilam on Etsy. Yes, I'll admit, I'm a little biased (I already have 2 bears from her). For $14.50, this mouth-watering concoction is sure to satisfy you little one's sweet tooth for chocolate, strawberries, and comforting squishes.

OK, I'm biased about this pick too. I already have some Christmas tree crayons from monsterbugblankets on Etsy. These crayons are wonderful! They are large and chunky, perfect for little hands that can't quite hold onto regular crayons just yet. And they have oodles of colors to them, giving your kiddos an entire crayon box in just one hand. At $5.50 for a set of six, you can keep the little ones occupied for hours! Heck, maybe even you too!

Yes, I've established that I can't sew. But I definitely want to learn just so I can make these bear booties with ribbon ties. This PDF pattern from preciouspatterns on Etsy states "easy to make - even for beginners." We'll see...I'm sure I could mess them up somehow. Now, if I can hopefully keep them from looking like the the spawn of satan when I'M done sewing them. For only $3.99, I am sure willing to try this pattern out though!

I stubmled upon the most gorgeous craft booth setup the other day. The canopy was graced by sheers on the legs and buntings hanging from the ceiling. So it spurred me on an Etsy search for banners that would match my craft booth color scheme. I found this blue and white one by giggleberry that is definitely on my list. Sewn in 5 different baby blue prints, it would match wonderfully with my blue and white beach theme. And for only $30 each, it would definitely make a wonderful entrance for my craft show customers.


MonsterBug Blankets said...


Thanks for including my crayons! The kids and I just spent some time making more (while enjoying 60 degree temps and sunshine!).

I love all the other selections, too--wow! How GORGEOUS!!! I love seeing the pretty finds you come across!


nikid said...

Great finds Jessi! There are so many wonderful girl clothes on Etsy - I wish there was more for boys!