Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Find of the Day: kamlampcompany

I know, I know, you can stop scolding me. Personal matters have kept me from posting my Find of the Day. No frets however, as I am back in full swing and gladly sharing the wonderful finds of Etsy.

Today’s Find of the Day is one I stumbled up quite some time ago. This absolutely stunning creations is definitely on my want list, considering I might be moving soon **crossing my fingers**. I’m a more contemporary and modern kind of girl and this piece by kamlampcompany on Etsy sure fits the bill. This 18” drum shade pendant is woven with black ribbon, painstaking done to create tiny hints of light that peek through the intersections. It’s absolutely stunning to see both lit and unlit. For $400, this is definitely something I would trade every single one of my traditional d├ęcor lights in for. Now if only someone would give it to me as a housewarming gift **crossing my fingers**.

Black Woven Ribbon Drum Shade Pendant...18 inch

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BadCat said...

That is one cool lamp...definitely worth the dough. Tons of work and a fabulous conversation piece for a home. Have a yard sale and buy that lamp!