Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 Signature Hat: The Flower Beanie

Two Seaside Babes has introduced the new signature hat for the Fall/Winter Season. Like the Buckle Beanie, it is crocheted with a wonderfully soft wool/acrylic blend yarn. It sits higher on the head than the Buckle Beanie. Instead of the belt and buckle, this one has a giant two layer flower crocheted in a contrasting color.

I'm particularly fond of this one (if I can say so myself) ;) It is crocheted with my most popular color, taupe. It is accented with pink blossom, my newest color. I adore the brown and pink color combination, as it has been so popular over the past couple years. I want to try other color combinations out, and would love to hear what suggestions you all might have!

In the meantime, you can look for new colors popping up in Two Seaside Babes soon!


glassidentities said...

as always.. i love it! those are great colors... what about doing black with it..either with the pink or the taupe color.

Jasie VanGesen said...

That hat is just ADORABLE!

I'd suggest doing the aqua blue with brown, or aqua blue with pumpkin... butterscotch and pumpkin would be sweet, too.

BadCat said...

Just gorgeous! I love it. The brown with different pastels would be hit. It seems as if those are now classic color combinations that people love.

CrochetBouquet said...

Really lovely ! I like the chunky look, and these colors look terrific together ! Thanks for posting.