Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 Signature Hat: The Flower Beanie

Two Seaside Babes has introduced the new signature hat for the Fall/Winter Season. Like the Buckle Beanie, it is crocheted with a wonderfully soft wool/acrylic blend yarn. It sits higher on the head than the Buckle Beanie. Instead of the belt and buckle, this one has a giant two layer flower crocheted in a contrasting color.

I'm particularly fond of this one (if I can say so myself) ;) It is crocheted with my most popular color, taupe. It is accented with pink blossom, my newest color. I adore the brown and pink color combination, as it has been so popular over the past couple years. I want to try other color combinations out, and would love to hear what suggestions you all might have!

In the meantime, you can look for new colors popping up in Two Seaside Babes soon!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Find of the Day: KristynsKreations

Now that it’s the dead of summer, the sun sets really late and rises really early. Way too early for a night owl such as myself. And sometimes my black velvet curtains just aren’t enough to shoo the light away. KristynsKreations on Etsy has a wonderful and stylish solution to this seemingly never-ending problem. This Skull n Bones eye mask would not only do wonders to keep the sun from my eyes, but would also keep my babes from thinking that I’m awake and ready to get up. For $10, I could save myself a little sleep, and my sanity.

Skull N Bones Eye Mask

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Find of the Day: lifeisonlyillusion

This summer, it’s been all about the dresses for me. Ever since having children, I don’t care to wear shorts anymore, but frankly in this oppressively hot summer, pants are just not going to cut it. So I’ve been wearing dresses all the time. Long dresses, short dresses, tube top dresses, spaghetti strap dresses, sun dresses. You get the point. So when I went browsing on Etsy for some more dresses to add to my collection (it’s getting kind of big by now) I came across flamingo dress by lifeisonlyillusion. For $69, this fun, flirty, and sexy dress would be the perfect addition as a daytime dress, but also quite lovely for a night out on the town. Now if only I could dance the flamingo…

Flamingo Dress---Black

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Find of the Day: caterpillars

I anticipate moving from this home soon and have been browsing the wonderful works found on Etsy for items to cover the walls of my new home. I've always been fond of the sea (in case my store name wasn't a clear indicator) and would like to carry that with me. I'm not talking that beachy theme though...I love contemporary items with clean lines, sharp definition, and very contrasting colors. And that is probably why this striking print of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach by caterpillars on Etsy struck me so. Holding my two favorite colors (black and blue) it will coordinate amazingly with my collection of cobalt blue glass. For $30, this 8" x 12" photo will definitely add a flair of dramatic to my walls.

cannon beach

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Find of the Day: kamlampcompany

I know, I know, you can stop scolding me. Personal matters have kept me from posting my Find of the Day. No frets however, as I am back in full swing and gladly sharing the wonderful finds of Etsy.

Today’s Find of the Day is one I stumbled up quite some time ago. This absolutely stunning creations is definitely on my want list, considering I might be moving soon **crossing my fingers**. I’m a more contemporary and modern kind of girl and this piece by kamlampcompany on Etsy sure fits the bill. This 18” drum shade pendant is woven with black ribbon, painstaking done to create tiny hints of light that peek through the intersections. It’s absolutely stunning to see both lit and unlit. For $400, this is definitely something I would trade every single one of my traditional d├ęcor lights in for. Now if only someone would give it to me as a housewarming gift **crossing my fingers**.

Black Woven Ribbon Drum Shade Pendant...18 inch

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Neapolitan Collection by Suymey Benson

I just received my photos from Suymey Benson at Blossom Portraiture Art. A few days ago I had sent her an absolutely delicious goody box filled with Neapolitan crocheted yummies. This gorgeous collection of photos is what I got in return, which is so much better than the 10 pounds I typically get with real Neapolitan ;) The strawberry pinks, vanilla creams, and chocolate browns found in Neapolitan ice cream are the perfect colors for this season yet again. The colors are modern and mature, but still have that girly touch to them. While I whittle away at my yarn stash to create more goodies, please satisfy your cravings with this tidbit of flapper beanies, crocheted beaded necklace, and signature Buckle Beanie. All of these items can be found in Two Seaside Babes. And if you'd like to see more of Suymey's gorgeous work, please visit here.
4T - Preteen Flapper Beanies. Picture 1 - White, Tan, and Pink with a Hot Pink Flower. Picture 2 - Chocolate Brown, Cream, and Pink with a Light Pink Flower.

4T - Preteen Buckle Beanie - Raspberry Pink

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carmel Fest 2009

Two Seaside Babes participated as a vendor in Carmel Fest 2009. It was my first show and I was quite pleased with how well it went, considering the amount of money I spent preparing for it and the time getting ready. It was a wonderful opportunity to get out and sell my product in person, to network with other crafters and professionals, and to enjoy the sites of the festival. The first day was wonderfully sunny but the second day rained. Regardless, I still consider it a wonderful success.

I was excited how my booth setup turned out. I had two 6 foot tables, a blanket rack, and a tri-fold screen as my main product displays. I created hat stands from wood and painted them blue and white, while weathering them to create that "beachy" look. I covered my tables in light blue covers and had PVC racks attached to the backs to hang my fuzzy blankets. A wooden blanket rack was created graciously by my beau, along with a tri-fold screen made of wood and lattice to hold all my hair clips. I could not have been more pleased with how easy and professional looking I felt my booth looked. I softened the entire booth by hanging white sheers from the canopy (something that got me many compliments from the other vendors).

Here is the front of the booth prior to the start of the festival. The next show I do, I would definitely like to add some more things to the booth. I would like to hang a full length mirror horizontally from the canopy so that numerous people can try hats on and see how they look. I had a tiny stand mirror that didn't work well for this. I would also like to add a tarp to the back side of the canopy for shade and weather protection. The first day I got burnt. The second day I had to sit my director's chair in the tent to keep from being wet. I would also like to add an inexpensive outdoor rug in a sandy color to cover the concrete and to ease the weary feet of my customers.

I found that color coordinating slightly allowed customers to find what they were looking for much more easily. I think it was also more pleasing on the eye. My little octopi were the smash of my booth! They attracted so many kiddies who thus forced their parents to come in and check out my products. As a note to myself, I must remember to crochet many, many more Amigurumi creatures as these were probably what brought the most amount of people in. And I sold quite a few too! Surprisingly however, these were items that I was considering doing away with on Etsy.

Of course, my Buckle Beanies went over very well. It's quite comforting to know how many people loved this hat. Even in the hot Summer sun, my wool Buckle Beanies were still being tried on, bought, ogled, and commented on. And in the pouring rain, the cotton ones were being purchased to keep heads dry.

Two items of mine that were also surprising hits were my adult cloches and my cotton flapper beanies. I only had 3 cloches in the booth and 2 sold. I decided to crochet up a few more different colors to offer for my Autumn and Winter shows, and also on Etsy. I also sold a number of flapper beanies, but was disappointed that I hadn't crocheted more in larger sizes as that was what most customers were asking for.

My crocheted children's necklaces were commented on to death! But none sold, so I was a little disappointed in this. But they were eye-catchers, so I will definitely keep those for future shows. My hair clips were also a slight disappointment as I didn't sell as many as I thought I would. My Neapolitan ones, however were a big hit, so that is definitely something I need to make more of.

Overall, I made sales totalling almost 4 times my booth fee (which was a hefty sum). While I didn't profit anything due to costs in materials preparing for this show, I'm confident that my next show will bring me profits. To anyone considering Carmel Fest for future shows, I highly recommend it. The other vendors were professional, kind, and helpful. The staff was supportive and wonderfully communicative. The festival atmosphere was utterly festive. And I would definitely be remiss to not mention that amazing display of fireworks (my daughters saw the fireworks for the first time and were amazed!).