Friday, June 19, 2009

Find of the Day: lightheaded

So most people who know me realize this Find of the Day is perhaps a wee bit biased. Nonetheless, I still love this lamp by lightheaded on Etsy. Creatively made out of a Pinnacle Citrus liquor bottle, this lamp will add flair to any bar, office, library or dorm room. Don't like Pinnacle? Perhaps you're a Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Patron, or Crown Royal fan. Regardless, you can purchase any lamp without a shade for $25. What better way to recycle than to reuse as something more beautiful? Now if only they weren't empty...

Citrus Pinnacle's Bottle Lamp $25

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Kara Witham said...

Join in and "dish." ...I came upon you by way of clicking "Etsy" as interest.

Tell us ~ Which EtsyCreator steals your HEART...

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