Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Find of the Day: LilacAve

So I'm pretty girly. I know it and it certainly doesn't bother me. I love dresses, purses, makeup, and sweet-smelling scents. I wear perfume, spray the home with fresheners, fill the home with wonderfully smelling flowers, and burn a plethora of yummy candles. So it was clearly no suprise to me when I found this delicious candle in one of my favorite stores on Etsy, LilacAve. For only $5, the sweet, summer scent of strawberries and kiwis can fill your home. Heck, go ahead and purchase the ginger peach candle and blueberry tarts while you're at it to satisfy all your girly, scented cravings.

Bucket Full of Strawberry Kiwis Soy Candle- 4oz

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H R Photography said...

Hooray for girlyness! Nice writeup.