Monday, June 1, 2009

Grand Opening of Two Seaside Babes Too

June 1st was officially the grand opening of my new store on Etsy, Two Seaside Babes Too! I'm delighted to now be selling boutique hair accessories for all your babes. While I'm still adding almost 200 items to my shop (it's a long and tedious process), I currently have about 40 or so to choose from. I was especially thrilled to have even made a sale my very first day open. What could be better than to lift the mood of a seller opening a new shop on Etsy?

I've devoted a fair amount of time to this endeavor and found it to be quite satisfying when my crocheting creative juices just don't seem to be flowing. After all, one can only crochet for so long before fingers and hands start to ache. Do not fret though...Two Seaside Babes is still open for business and thriving (at least to me).

So come visit us at Two Seaside Babes Too and take a peeksie at what we have to offer. Stay around, browse a while, heart me if you would like. We'd love to see you there. In the meantime, satisfy your hair clip craving with these pretties, made just for your babes:

Pale Summer Everday Clippie Set

Neapolitan Brown, Pink, and Cream Crocheted Flowers


Bright and Colorful Flower Set

Lime Green, Yellow, and Hot Pink Flowers

Giant Orange Flower Clip

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