Saturday, June 27, 2009

Find of the Day: Yoopers

My find of the day also happens to be a purchase that I just received in my PO box today. Two Seaside Babes will be participating in this years Carmel Fest in Carmel, Indiana. This being my first craft show, I knew my best bet for keeping my cash, business cards, credit card swiper, and all the little odds and ends secure and tucked away in one organized place, was a craft apron. I had found Yoopers on Etsy some time ago and marked her as a favorite for I knew that I definitely wanted to purchase my apron from her.

I finally found one that I really wanted. This funky pink and brown print apron is absolutely just what I was looking for. This "works" apron has three large pockets, including one with a hidden zipper, a pen compartment, a business card pocket, and a clasp to hold my key rings. Ranging from $18 to $26, Yoopers' sturdy aprons will last for many, many shows to come.

Floating Flowers Vendor Apron With The Works


Liz - FrayBabyBabyandMore said...

i love that fabric - hannah's baby wrap's front panel is that fabric - it is called carnival and i have it in turquoise and purple as well. gorgeous!! you'll be styling at the craft fair! and you'll love that you have it. i did a craft fair with no apron, just a little bag that i made last minute and looped onto my belt. next time, apron for me! :) good luck and i can't wait to hear all about it!

Michelle said...

Yes Liz, I made and sold another apron like this yesterday and called it Carnival Bloom. I've used the name Floating Flowers for a long time but recently found a new fabric that has that same name. So I think I'll call it by it's given name from now on. It's my all time favorite fabric. I'll have to check out your shop, Liz. You have good taste! :) Good luck Jessi with your craft show!
Michelle aka yoopers

glassidentities said...

what a beautiful fun apron.. bet that works great. Good luck at the show.. and hope you have a lot of fun :)

LilacAve said...

I really love it! Love the fabric and are going to be such a babe at your show. Cheers to profits and happiness!