Monday, June 15, 2009

Find of the Day: WonkyRocket

Ever since having two little monkeys of my own, that seems to be all that's on the brain anymore. How many monkeys can your little one have? Well, not enough they seem to say. What, with all the stuffed monkeys, the monkey clothing, the monkey slippers, and monkey hats, their monkey addictions would not be complete without this tote by WonkyRocket (don't you just love that name?) Screen printed on 100% cotton canvas, and for only $10, this monkey tote can hold all your babe's monkey goods. Oh, and I should mention they also screen print you ought to pick one of those up too in their Etsy store...just in case your babe doesn't have enough monkeys to satisfy their cravings.

a WonkyMonkey named Cuthbert - Tote Bag - Gold

1 comment:

glassidentities said...

that is the cutest monkey... off to check out their shop now.. thanks for sharing :)