Saturday, June 20, 2009

Find of the Day: TimelessVixenVintage

I found this dress by way of the daily Etsy Finds. TimelessVixenVintage was featured with her Vintage Fred Perlberg gorgeous couture party dress. While that dress in itself was absolutely stunning, I completely fell in love with this 1950's Vintage Coquette Couture Wedding Dress. While I have no intentions of getting married again (and subsequently divorced), for $480 I might rethink that philosophy of mine simply because of this dress.

1950's Vintage Coquette Couture Shelf-Bust Halter White Princess Wedding Party Dress with Bolero Jacket

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Kara Witham said...

This dress is beautiful. We eloped and I didn't wear a traditional white dress, but I would love to wear something like this if we ever renewed our vows.