Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Find of the Day: FiggyandWink

I actually stumbled upon FiggyandWink a while back and completely fell in love with these gorgeous and wonderfully girly flirty flowers. For those who despise painting (not me) or those who paint but want a little something extra on the wall (that's me), FiggyandWink's decals are the solution to your bare wall woes. For only $34, this decal could be yours. Now if only all the walls in my home weren't textured...

Flirty Flowers - Large Vinyl Wall Decal Package


glassidentities said...

those are so pretty... what a great idea... I also have all textured walls :(

I love this little pink robot though

JoyousTreasures said...

Hey, I nominated you for the one lovely blog award, check out my blog for details!