Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's New With Two - Hair Clips for Craft Shows

Two Seaside Babes has consistently struggled with the ability to provide lesser-priced products that don't break the bank to make and that don't require a long period of time to crochet. Bath and beauty items crocheted in 100% cotton, such as facial scrubbies, bath puffs, and washcloths, were offered at the start of the year and it filled this void temporarily. While the items sold well, I was never fully satisfied with the amount of time required to make them, and the fairly low profit I was receiving for them. This was a great concern of mine with upcoming craft shows and art festivals that Two Seaside Babes will be a vendor at. I was genuinely afraid that most people (despite showing in rather well-to-do shows, festivals, and fairs) would take a look at my moderately-priced goods and move on.

Additionally, my second problem is that I crochet mostly hats, an item targeted towards colder weather. A few of my shows are in the middle of Summer and I was afraid how I would attract those buyers clearly not interested in purchasing a thick, wool Buckle Beanie in the 90 degree heat. So browsing Etsy, I came across a "new" product that I think is going to work amazingly well for Two Seaside Babes. I must note, that since the Etsy market is clearly over saturated with this item, I have no intention of selling these items on Etsy. They will only be found at the shows, festivals, and fairs where Two Seaside Babes is a vendor.

What better Summer item is there than a hair clip for your little girl? After all, why would I not offer hair clips? I offer hats, so it only makes sense that when a girl is not wearing one of Two Seaside Babes' hats that she is wearing one of our clips right? Well, at least that's my kooky thinking behind it.

I'm extremely satisfied with what I have to offer so far. While I only have a few styles so far, I plan on offering much more in my booth. I've taken alligator clips and wrapped them in colorful ribbons with polka dots, stripes, and gingham. A crocheted flower is then attached to the ribbon. Sometimes I add jewels for a little something extra. I'm even offering bobby pins for the bigger girls. While I have many more styles to work on, and numerous color combinations to come up with, I'm thrilled about the possibilities that hair clips will offer for Two Seaside Babes.

These hair clips will be offered for typically under $5, which is often something that a buyer will feel like paying for a spur-of-the-moment purchase. While they are often hesitant about spending $30 to $40 for a hat, I feel like this is something that might make people stay longer in my booth.

Yes, I'm totally in love with my product packaging. I consistently use the same image for ALL of my packaging. This gorgeous picture of Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, modified to be very faint, aptly suits the Two Seaside Babes theme.


FrayBaby said...

Love them! The pink, white and yellow trio is my favorite. :)

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Beautiful blog, and I love the flower clips. So pretty! :)

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