Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's New With Two - Infant Girls Cotton Flapper Beanies

I really enjoy making infant hats. I used to make them consistently a few months ago, but they just didn't sell how I would have liked in Two Seaside Babes. I know part of the reason was because I didn't have a gorgeous babe to model them. For everyone truly knows that if you stick a beautiful baby in a picture with a wonderful handmade item, it will get looked at that much more. So of course I had to pounce on my friend's generous offer to photograph my newly-designed infant girls flapper beanies on his gorgeous grandchild. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

Crocheted with a double thickness of 100% cotton, these beanies have either a white or pink daisy flower attached. They have a small scallop trim on the bottom which adds a slight girly flair to the hat. They are the perfect spring and Easter hat for your little girl. Since they are crocheted in cotton, they are easily washable, and have less chance of aggravating your babe's sensitive skin.

I wasn't expecting to take very many pictures. So of course after she spit up all over my snow white backdrop, I had to call it quits after only two listings worth of pictures. I was not disappointed at all though! I have 14 other hats that need photographed, but eventually it will happen. I have to space out the squeezable cuteness, don't I?

I did however come up with the idea for a new listing in the meantime. As I have yet to photography my 14 other hats, and create listings, I came up with a custom listing for this style and size of hat. I'm pleased with how it turned out:

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They really are beautiful...So now I need a newborn...:)
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