Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Favorites - Polka Dots

I've been on this kick with polka dots lately. I'm not really sure where it came from, or why, but my Etsy favorites have been slowly filling up with polka dotted dresses, hair clippies, totes, and other wonderful Etsy goodies. These are just a few of my latest. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

This gorgeous polka dot print dress is created from a vintage 1952 pattern. From jezebelles, this fun and flirty dress is a wonderful addition to the wardrobe of any woman looking for a flattering and slightly seductive dress. For $115, you too can be strutting your stuff in this beautiful rockabilly swing dress.

With two tots in diapers (geez...give me a break...I'm working on the pottie training thing), my purse is always in such a jumble with two sizes of diapers and a case of wipes. And every time I change out purses I have to make sure I grab all three of those bags...such a hassle! This Extra Large Grab and Go Diaper Pouch from Smocksnstuff is the solution to this annoying problem for most mothers. For only $15.50, I can still be a trendy mama, and keep my sanity at the same time.

I love this Soda Pop Dress in Dottie Red by RaeGun. Every little girl would look simply too cute in this comfortable and fashionable dress. However, with two girls, one dress just won't do. Good for me this talented Etsian offers an amazingly colorful selection of cute and trendy dresses to choose from! At $32.50, I won't kill myself trying to keep them my little fashionistas either.

Now that my girls have hair that is long enough to be constantly falling in their eyes, I struggle with the need to have clippies on hand to tuck those curly locks away. EllaBearBowtique's Neapolitan Surprise Clippie Set is perfect for doing just that. And at only $5 for the set of three, I'm apt to purchase a few clippie sets from her.

Yes, I will admit, that I freakishly carry around yarn and hooks with me in the hopes that I can snag in a few minutes of crochet time wherever I find myself. And yes, I've found myself crocheting at the doctor's office, in line at the store, and even waiting at a stoplight (hey, it was a VERY long light!). The easiest way to carry around my addictive habit? A cute tote like the Kelsey Reversible Tote from AStonesThrow. For $40 my stash will not only be organized, but will be the envy of others crochet addicts!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uploading Your Etsy RSS Feed Into Google Base

Most Etsians don't understand the importance of uploading their RSS feed into Google Base. Two Seaside Babes receives 11% of traffic through Google alone! That is a great deal of traffic that I direct to my store by uploading my RSS feed into Google Base...and it only takes 5 minutes!

Don't understand what a RSS feed is? Simply put, RSS is a method of distributing links or syndicating content in your web site that you'd like others to use. By uploading this information into Google Base, your store information is easily searchable to all on Google. Don't don't have to be computer savvy to figure this out. It took me perhaps a dozen times to get it right. Here is a short tutorial to help you out. Click on any picture for a larger view of exactly what to do:

First, using Let's Ets, download your RSS feed. Simply type in your store name. Click whether you want your new, used, or both items to show up in your feed, and click "Fetch My Items".

Next, scroll to the bottom (under all your product pictures) and hit the "Download Bulk File" button. Save this file to your computer. MOST IMPORTANT! Save your filename with .xml at the end! If you do not do this, your feed will most likely not upload properly into Google Base! This is the sole reason why it took me a dozen times to get it right!

Now, your file should be saved to your computer. Go to
Google Base and either register or sign in.

Once you have signed into Google Base, click on "Data Feeds". On the Data Feeds page, click on "New Data Feed".

From this point, you will start uploading your RSS feed into Google Base. Select the country where you want your items shown. United States is automatically the default. Next, select the type of item in your data feed...typically it is Products. Then, select the type of data feed your are registering. Googlebase will be the default. Lastly, type in the name of the file that you are uploading into the "Data Feed Filename" box. Click "Register Data Feed".

Your RSS feed has not been uploaded yet. On this data feed page, you need to click on "Upload File" next to the feed that you are trying to upload. This can be found under Manual.

Next, what you will need to do is browse for the file on your computer and hit the "Upload and Process This File" button.

If you did this correctly, your feed should have the word "Processing" under the date. Eventually, this will read "Success" in green. Now your RSS feed has been uploaded into Google Base!

It can take up to 24 hours for your items to be published and searchable in Google Base. When they are, this is what your feed will look like:

This may seem like an extremely daunting task. But it's really not. It takes only a matter of moments and you get 1 months worth of possible traffic to your store because of it. The more items you have, the more you should upload your RSS feed. Two Seaside Babes has almost 200 items in the store, so I upload every week or two.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further help!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adult Cloche with Satin Ribbon and Bow

While Two Seaside Babes has found a fair amount of success with the buckle beanie, I felt like the store was becoming a little stale with that style of hat. I wanted to branch out a little into completely different styles. Since I am so enamored with my wool/acrylic blend chunky yarns, I still wanted to stick with them. My adult cloche is what popped into my head at the time. This simple and classic design has a slightly modern uptake to it with a satin ribbon woven just above the base with a matching bow. While I currently have three colors listed, I intend on making more as I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feautured Etsian - The Yarn Chick and Bethjt

I met Beth of bethjt many months ago through the Etsy team Homefront. At that time, she concentrated on absolutely gorgeous jewelry, fine arts, and assorted gifts. Since Two Seaside Babes predominantly started out in jewelry, I was completely enamored by her beautiful sea glass pendants but also awestruck at her amazing talent in regards to portraits and prints. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

A few short months after we met, Beth learned to crochet. I was floored at how quickly she picked it up and how well she did it. I've been crocheting since I was 9 years old, and I can honestly say that not much perks my interest when it comes to the talents of other crochet artists. To this day, I'm still amazed at her ability to be able to create her own patterns, and in such a short time period.

Beth began selling hats in bethjt. Others were just as smitten with her cute cotton hats and Beth saw success with her crocheted goods fairly soon. Just within a few months she had opened up her second store on Etsy, TheYarnChick, which specializes in hats and cozies. I particularly love her Flap Happy Monkey Hat. It cannot go unmentioned how many other adorable styles she has in her store including the Breezy Brimmed Beanies, regular Brimmed Beanies, Slouchy Beanies and Caps, and Newsboys. Available in almost any color imaginable, her store holds a plethora of colorful and stylish hats available for even the most très cool fashionista.

Beth donates 25% of her proceeds for pink items or items made with awareness ribbons to breast cancer awareness and research charities.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Children's Crocheted Beaded Necklace is Back

A number of months ago I tried my hand at a new product in my store, a crocheted children's beaded necklace. I was absolutely stunned at how well they went over in my shop, with the amount of views and hearts that I received, in addition to the sales of four differing color combinations. However, at the end of last year, I began to worry about my ability to be able to sell this necklace in regards to the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) regulations. Since that has fairly well been put on hold for another year, I decided to bring it back!

Needing to find something to use up my leftover 100% cottons, I crocheted this 28" child's necklace. Two dozen "beads" in eight different Neapolitan browns, pinks, creams, and white make up this adorable, fun, and unique piece of jewelry. The beads are beaded upon 1/8" wide satin ribbon and tied in a bow at the back of the neck. This is a child-safe alternative to traditional children's jewelry because there are no small pieces that might present a choking hazard. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

I can make this necklace in any color combination you would like! Simply contact me with your color choices. There is no additional charge for custom requests in my store!
Like the hair clip? Well, so does my little model. I purchased it from cutsieclips and you can too. Check out her adorable hair clips at:

What I Want For Valentine's Day

Most who know me understand that I'm not your typically girly girl. I like to dress up in heels and skirts, put on a few pieces of jewelry, and surround myself with beautiful things. The items that I truly love though are those with a sexy edge. Hey, I can't help it...that's just me! I'm definitely not a flowers and card kind of girl. So if you ask me what I want for Valentine's Day, just take a look at a few of my sexy favorites on Etsy. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:
Since I'm clearly not that kind of woman that wants to receive mushy and sentimental cards, this seductive print from caterangel would be much more appreciated.
TheTailorsChest corset of black and silk lace is sure to be perfect for my night on the town, dressing up a pair of jeans. Or better yet, a sweet surprise in the bedroom for my sweetie ;)
OK, I'm not going to lie. I like jewelry. And I like being noticed because of my jewelry. I cannot think of a better way to be noticed than with danamariejewelers's 1 ct 14k Gold Princess Cut earrings blinging from my lobes.
Victoria's Secret doesn't have much on these side tie panties by LonelyGirlLingerie. Made of black silk, I'm not only bound to look like a little sexpot wearing these, but I'll certainly feel like one too.

I'm by far a fan of the pin-up era, where women looked beautiful and seductive. Missbrache's sexy, little red and white polka dot 50's cocktail dress hugs in all the right places...those places that want to get noticed, especially on Valentine's Day ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Whats New With Two - Gift Certificates

I've been planning, for quite some time, to offer gift certificates in Two Seaside Babes. I finally stuck to it yesterday and completed them. Currently, I only have 2 listings in the store, for $10 and $20 gift certificates, but I will be offering greater amounts in the next few days. Two Seaside Babes will offer $10, $20, $25, $30, and $50 amounts. Custom listings can also be created it you need a specific amount, for example if you would like your recipient to purchase an adult buckle beanie. Click on a picture to find out more including prices and descriptions:

The gift certificates can be delivered through four methods:
1: To the buyer through direct mail.
2: To the recipient through direct mail.
3: To the buyer through email.
4: To the recipient through email.

If the gift certificate is being mailed to the recipient (either through direct mail or email), I can include your personal gift message for no additional charge.

The gift certificates can be used towards the purchase of items listed in Two Seaside Babes, including shipping and handling charges. Gift certificates include LISTED custom requests. They are not redeemable for cash and will expire one year from the date of purchase. To redeem the gift certificates, simply enter the unique code in “NOTES TO SELLER” during CHECKOUT. The remaining balance is applied to a future purchase. If the amount purchased is over the amount of this gift certificate, the remaining balance can be paid through one of my many methods of payment.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Favorites - It's All About the Babes, Baby! let's just get this straight...I have no intention or desire to have any more children. But let's face hold a baby in your arms and the spending juices just start flowing. Those little babes must seep addictive drugs out their pores that make anyone touch them flock to stores to buy goodies for them!

So, needless to say, after my wee little model came over earlier this week, I've been going hogwild on Etsy looking for gorgeous handmade baby goodies. These are my favorites of the week (so far...). Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

So this is where the browsing started. Someone sent me the link to fun2wear2's "I Only Cry When Ugly People Hold Me" onesie. It just started snowballing from there and about five minutes later, I had a half dozen smarty-pants onesies stored in my Etsy favorites. Teedious' "Something Stinks (I Think It Might Be You)" was a must-have to add to my favorites, and I'm sure a must-have that will be in my hands soon!

Come on! How cute are these? What baby do you know that doesn't have about 300 plushies before they are even born? Or is that just my babes? These ones, however, are sure to actually get some use out of that entire collection. Share some of the cuddly cuteness with this adorable and too sweet, little portly frog from bubbletime. And just how no one will ever pry your babe from your arms, Iamsunshine's baby sock monkey with handles will never be pulled from your babe's sweet chubby fingers.

Yes, we all know...every mama wants her little girls to have oodles galore of hair clips. And when they are as cute and affordable as these ones, you're sure to snag up tons of them! EllaBearBowtique's Newborn Neapolitan clips and cutesieclip's Itsie Bitsie flowers are perfect for that fine hair...unless they're born a baldie. But if that' the case, you might want to just check out Two Seaside Babes for a hat to cover up their noggin' ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's New With Two - Infant Girls Cotton Flapper Beanies

I really enjoy making infant hats. I used to make them consistently a few months ago, but they just didn't sell how I would have liked in Two Seaside Babes. I know part of the reason was because I didn't have a gorgeous babe to model them. For everyone truly knows that if you stick a beautiful baby in a picture with a wonderful handmade item, it will get looked at that much more. So of course I had to pounce on my friend's generous offer to photograph my newly-designed infant girls flapper beanies on his gorgeous grandchild. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

Crocheted with a double thickness of 100% cotton, these beanies have either a white or pink daisy flower attached. They have a small scallop trim on the bottom which adds a slight girly flair to the hat. They are the perfect spring and Easter hat for your little girl. Since they are crocheted in cotton, they are easily washable, and have less chance of aggravating your babe's sensitive skin.

I wasn't expecting to take very many pictures. So of course after she spit up all over my snow white backdrop, I had to call it quits after only two listings worth of pictures. I was not disappointed at all though! I have 14 other hats that need photographed, but eventually it will happen. I have to space out the squeezable cuteness, don't I?

I did however come up with the idea for a new listing in the meantime. As I have yet to photography my 14 other hats, and create listings, I came up with a custom listing for this style and size of hat. I'm pleased with how it turned out:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Was Featured on Cool Mom Picks!

What's better than being featured on the front page of Etsy? Being featured on Cool Mom Picks! I found out through a friend that my 1T - 2T Buckle Beanie in Taupe had been featured in a splendidly-written write-up. I could not have been more flattered! Please feel free to check out the post:

Many thanks to Christina for her uber awesome write-up!

Tooting my Etsy Horn

I was ecstatic to find yesterday that my newly-designed adult cotton buckle newsboy cap had made it to the front page of Etsy! While I made no sales from the traffic (I never do with front page) I was thrilled to see the response on a hat that I wasn't fully sure of. It definitely squashed any uncertainties about the hat and helped to me realize I should make more in different colors and sizes. Yet another thing to add to my to-do list...Click on the pictures for more information including descriptions and prices:

Monday, February 9, 2009

Featured Etsian: Kreated by Kelly

When I first found Etsy, I immediately asked Kreated by Kelly to create a custom button "bouquet." She worked diligently and tirelessly to create me an absolutely gorgeous and stunning bouquet of blues and sands to match my sea-inspired dining room. It could not have been any more pleased with her flawless work, amazing communication, and delightful customer service.

As an avid button collector, she uses only the most beautiful and unique ones in her splendid creations. While I originally found her concentrating in bouquets, she has branched out into other areas including jewelry, housewares, and ever-pretty textile arts. I'm particularly fond of these items in her store right now. Please click on any item to find out more including prices and descriptions:

Whether you are looking for a beautiful adornment for your body, your walls, or your office, the "craziness that is Kelly" will definitely bring a *smile* to your face.