Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Custom Listings on Two Seaside Babes

So...I'm normally a well-organized person, where everything has a home. A home that is usually a tote, but nonetheless, still a home. Somehow, as of late, my totes have take over one room in my house. I counted...six totes of yarn and other various supplies, and four totes of items currently listed in my store. Right now it looks as though Hobby Lobby and Joann's have thrown up their craft goods right into the room. Oh, and I certainly cannot forget the Post Office, who too got sick with Priority Boxes being upchucked all over the room.

I really don't recall when it happened, but it did. I walked into the room one day and just as quickly, turned around and left. It saddens me to see such disorganization and utter chaos residing in the home of a self-declared neat freak. I finally decided, in order to condense my inventory and severely limit the amount of stock that I have on hand, to start creating custom listings in Two Seaside Babes. I will have 10 custom listings for my buckle beanies, which comprises the majority of items in stock right now. I will have 1 listing in each size (9 - 12 months, 1T - 2T, 2T - 4T, 4T - preteen, and adult) in both ONE color and TWO colors. I've already listed two and am quite hopeful about the prospects of this, considering the decent amount of views that I have received so far. Please click on a picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

Buyers will have the opportunity to choose from 22 colors of my wool/acrylic blend yearns that I currently have in stock, or that I can easily get. I've stated in the listings that two weeks production time is needed (but only for colors that I don't have in stock), but that hats can be completed in as little as one day. And for anyone who has ever requested a custom buckle beanie from me, they can vouch for my super fast turnaround time. Currently I am offering 22 colors that I have easy access to, either in stock, at the craft stores, or through my favorite suppliers. There are additional colors available, but I want to get a feel for them before I start buying yet even more supplies in bulk (and better yet, even more totes to store all the skeins). These are the colors that I am offering for my custom buckle beanie listings:

1 raspberry pink, 2 claret, 3 plum, 4 red wine, 5 black, 6 pumpkin, 7 pumpkin spice, 8 lemongrass, 9 olive green, 10 cream, 11 cornflower blue, 12 midnight blue, 13 taupe, 14 charcoal, 15 wheat, 16 barnwood brown, 17 oatmeal, 18 steel grey, 19 purple, 20 indigo blue, 21 moss green, 22 brown. Color received may vary slightly from color pictured due to monitor resolution and differing dye lots.

As always, these are the prices and sizes I am offering for ONE color:
$27.00 9 - 12 Month: 17" - 18"
$29.00 1T - 2T: 18" - 19 1/2"
$31.00 2T - 4T: 19 1/2" - 20 1/2"
$33.00 4T - preteen: 20 1/2" - 21 1/2"
$35.00 Adult: 21 1/2" +

TWO colors: add $2 to the price.


glassidentities said...

I love these... the buckle on them is great.. the color selection is wonderful too.. now if I only wore hats :(

Moose Threads said...

OMG Two I have now found my soulmate when it comes to storage bins and yarn. =)

Love the new listings. Very cool.