Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Ideas For Two Seaside Babes

I've started throwing around new ideas for Two Seaside Babes. I realized before Christmas that the majority of the items that I sold in my store were higher-priced items. I wanted to offer items that were priced lower in the hopes of attracting more spur-of-the-moment sales. I also wanted to start offering more variety my buyers in my store. Additionally, with the uncertainty's in regards to the CPSIA hearing, I am fearful of stockpiling an abundance of children's items. While they have approved the use of natural materials such as cotton and wool, I am still concerned as the bulk of my fibers are wool/acrylic blends.

I'm temporarily concentrating my efforts on housewares and adult items. While I am still offering my buckle beanies, baby and children's fuzzy blankies, and amigurumi, I am now offering wash cloths, facial scrubbies, bath puffs, and lighter weight cotton hats perfect for Spring and Easter. I'm also trying to offer much more bright colors, straying away from natural and neutral colors (for the time being). Please click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

In fact, these two cotton visor beanies are items that I have created, but have yet to list. In addition to offering just this plain beanie, I am also going to offer the option of this beanie with a white flower on it, and also my traditional buckle. I would like to offer a much more soft, colorful option with the upcoming cooler weather. While my typical wool/acrylic blend is wonderful for the cold months, I want to offer my hats for weather that is slightly cooler.

I have also tried out a new concept in my store. I am offering samples for only $1 with free shipping. Currently, I am offering this on two of my items: my large facial scrubbies and my mini facial scrubbies. It's a wonderful opportunity for my buyers to "test" out one large scrubbie or two mini scrubbies for only $1. In addition, if they decided they like it and come back to purchase a set, I will even take $1 off that future purchase! In the near future I plan on offering these $1 samples for the current colors I offer in wool/acrylic for my buckle beanies. I also plan on offering the $1 off for the future purchase of a buckle beanie too.

2 comments: said...

Seaside..your shop is looking great! I love the new "personal" product line.

cutesieclips said...

I'm so excited to get my facial scrubbies and washcloths!! They look so soft and a really great value. Love all your new items :) Actually, I love all your stuff LOL