Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Christmas Purchases of 2008

I was more than pleased with some of the wonderful items that I purchased from talented sellers on Etsy this Christmas. All of these items, given to my two daughters (2 and 3 years old) were the smash of the holiday gifts given.

The first were a set of plush bears, custom sewn by camillam. These super cute bears, in pink and purple, are squeezably soft and the perfect size for little one's hugs. My two girls have slept with theirs' every night since Santa placed them under the tree. Also, they received complimenting doll blankies, which have certainly helped to keep my girls' baby dolls warm this cold winter. And I cannot forget to mention the adorable matching purses, the perfect accessory for any growing girl.

A stocking stuffer that went over very well were the Christmas tree crayons that monsterbugblankets created just for my little girls. Not only are they perfect for little hands, and fun to color with, but they sure seemed tasty to my youngest (which I'm sure is bound to be a colorful gift for me at diaper change tomorrow).

These wonderfully brilliant crowns were custom sewn by niftykidstuff. Unbelievably well made in pink and purple, they are embroidered with my girls names. They love running around with these crowns on and can now fully enact the role of "princess".

Another stocking stuffer was these cool balloon balls made by KerrysCrafts. These ingenious balls are a wonderful solution to children who love to play with balloons, but who cannot resist the urge to pop every single one that you blow up. The adorable fabric weighs down the balloon just ever so slightly for a great game of toss and catch.

My girls also received tutus made by LellaBella. Again, made in pink and purple (like I had to tell you that), these super full tutus are perfect for dress up, and pretend play. My girls danced around in them immediately after ripping them from the wrapping paper.

Lastly, what princess would be complete without the fabulous wings that I purchased from pixie08. These wings are the perfect size for my little ones. I love that, unlike most wings that you might purchase, these are made in one piece. So one wing is not flopping around all over the place. My girls run around the house, flapping their arms, screaming "buzz", "buzz".

I would recommend every single one of these Etsians for fabulous gifts for little girls. My girls adore everything that Mama, Papa, and Santa had specially made for them. For 2009 Christmas presents I will be purchasing more from Etsians like these who make fabulous, well-made items, at wonderful prices. Please check them out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!


Bubba & Rye said...

I love all the items!!!! What great gifts. Just goes to show, handmade can make great kids gifts too!

Homemade Zen said...

These are wonderful gifts! I'm sure that you girl is excited!

JoyousTreasures said...

I love the bears! Etsy is so wonderful!