Friday, January 16, 2009

My Etsy Favorites of the Week

I love finding new items on Etsy. I especially love hearting them in the hopes that some day they will find their way into my home. I would love to share a few I've found this week with you. Please click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:
This hilarious button is from my fellow Homefront team member geekdetails. Geekdetails prides herself on making things from all genres of crafting, with subtle undertones of geeky. As soon as I clicked the link to this 2.25" button, it was immediately hearted. Come on, need I say why? For only $3, let your friends know how much of a great friend they truly are.

This adorable soap from carvelcountrysoaps struck me immediately. Your sweetie will be tantalizingly sniffing you (or more...ahem) with the gentle smell of mandarin orange, tangerine, bergamot, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, and musk gently upon your skin. Whose in the mood for Valentine's Day now? At $4.50 a bar, it's scent will stay with you longer than the lingerie your love is bound to give you anyway.

I'm not a pendant kind of woman. If I was, I would definately snag this one up from jenmaestre. Created from laminated pencils (seriously, how creative is that?), this one of a kind necklace would suit anyone looking to add some more pink in their life. At only $38, it is definately a gorgeous find and one I'm sure you will happily show to everyone.

Yeah, yeah, I know...I already have too many bags. But I would gladly get rid of almost any one of them to have this one upon my shoulder. CamilleStar's gorgeous canvas giraffe print bag is definately big enough to store all my goodies too. At 19" wide (bottom) and only $66, you'll toss all your other bags aside too.

I'll admit, I'm the kind of person that is easily amazed by things. But the creative talent involved in the making of this temari is absolutely mindblowing! julieandco's embroidered thread balls are something that would fascinate me for hours on end. For this 3" temari, $40 would certainly keep me (and probably you too) intrigued for quite some time.


terryann said...

some of the best things on etsy!

cutesieclips said...

Oh my goodness, I love all of those things! Such cool stuff. Geekdetails' button cracks me up!

Lenox Knits said...

We share many of the same favorites! I love those pencil pendants and the balls amaze me every time I see them.