Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Etsy Favorites of the Week

I love finding new items on Etsy. I especially love hearting them in the hopes that some day they will find their way into my home. I would love to share a few I've found this week with you. Please click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

This say-it-all card was created by BigBooDesigns. Although, I'm the kind of person that easily tells someone what I think of them to their face, this card is for those who aren't quite so brazen. For only $8, you can say it in a card.

I'm not much of a fan of miniatures. However, the ones that I do own are all unique, one-of-a-kind items. I suppose that's why this miniature lidded bowl, created by MikeRowe, caught my eye so quickly. At only 13/16" tall and $30, this gorgeous beauty amazes me not only with it's size, but it's craftsmanship. See ladies, size doesn't ALWAYS matter ;)

I came across EarthArt a few days ago on Pounce. I actually stumbled across a gorgeous painting just sold and immediately started to browse this shop. I adore Triptych's and this one is by far the most beautiful one I have ever seen. Titled: Twister at Sunset, this 54" X 24" set is bound to be the awe of all visitors to your home. At $305, you too can easily awe it whenever you please.

I don't wear much jewelry. When I do though, it has to be something totally unique and make me stand out. This ring by Rapunzelsgold is sure to catch the eye of many a passersby. At $36, this sterling silver and 14kt gold filled "Compass For Bella" is stunning, contemporary, and beautiful. It is definitely a piece I would love to add to my collection.

I found this on the front page of Etsy. This gorgeous mermaid silk chiffon gown by stephaniemadesh is for those women who dare to be the eye of all women (and definitely men) in the room. With a short bustle and dramatically low back, this evening/bridal gown not only looks beautiful, but will make you look and feel absolutely drop-dead sexy! For $990, you can FEEL like the goddess that this dress will make you LOOK like.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Product Packing for Two Seaside Babes

While I have always been more than satisfied with the products I sell, I have never been fully satisfied with the way that they are presented to my customers when they first open their packages. I've been toying with the idea for quite some time about adding tags to my products, not only to make them look more professional, but to market my store name. I found it more than aggravating to attempt to find sellers who were willing to work with me on what I wanted, so I took it upon myself to try my hand at it.

I'll be the first person to admit that I'm fairly inept when it comes to computer graphics. So I was pleasantly surprised with what I actually came up with. And when I put it all together, I was ecstatic, feeling at though I've made some big leap into becoming a real and official business. Although, I'm slightly unsure of my hat tags, I am still positive that I would like to continue with the route of a tie-on tag as opposed to a sewn-in tag. I know lots of customers that simply won't buy something just because it has a tag sewn into it (sensitive skin and all). I think my apprehension lies in wanting a thicker tag. We'll see as time passes where that takes me.

Also, I love my bag toppers right now. While it took me a long time to get the measurements just right, I could not be more pleased. I think adding a topper to the bag creates a finished look. Each bag topper includes directions on the back for care of the product purchased.

Both my tags and bag toppers include my store name, tag line, and both my Etsy and 1000 Markets store web addresses. The background is something that I've tried to stay consistent with, a very faint photo of Haystack Rock. I love it so much it's on my business card too. I love the consistency of my new packaging and I feel like it helps to pull all my products together. I think my customers will be more satisfied too, and that is what I truly aim to do. I hope I have achieved that goal.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Etsy Favorites of the Week

I love finding new items on Etsy. I especially love hearting them in the hopes that some day they will find their way into my home. I would love to share a few I've found this week with you. Please click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:
This hilarious button is from my fellow Homefront team member geekdetails. Geekdetails prides herself on making things from all genres of crafting, with subtle undertones of geeky. As soon as I clicked the link to this 2.25" button, it was immediately hearted. Come on, need I say why? For only $3, let your friends know how much of a great friend they truly are.

This adorable soap from carvelcountrysoaps struck me immediately. Your sweetie will be tantalizingly sniffing you (or more...ahem) with the gentle smell of mandarin orange, tangerine, bergamot, raspberries, peaches, strawberries, and musk gently upon your skin. Whose in the mood for Valentine's Day now? At $4.50 a bar, it's scent will stay with you longer than the lingerie your love is bound to give you anyway.

I'm not a pendant kind of woman. If I was, I would definately snag this one up from jenmaestre. Created from laminated pencils (seriously, how creative is that?), this one of a kind necklace would suit anyone looking to add some more pink in their life. At only $38, it is definately a gorgeous find and one I'm sure you will happily show to everyone.

Yeah, yeah, I know...I already have too many bags. But I would gladly get rid of almost any one of them to have this one upon my shoulder. CamilleStar's gorgeous canvas giraffe print bag is definately big enough to store all my goodies too. At 19" wide (bottom) and only $66, you'll toss all your other bags aside too.

I'll admit, I'm the kind of person that is easily amazed by things. But the creative talent involved in the making of this temari is absolutely mindblowing! julieandco's embroidered thread balls are something that would fascinate me for hours on end. For this 3" temari, $40 would certainly keep me (and probably you too) intrigued for quite some time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Custom Listings on Two Seaside Babes

So...I'm normally a well-organized person, where everything has a home. A home that is usually a tote, but nonetheless, still a home. Somehow, as of late, my totes have take over one room in my house. I counted...six totes of yarn and other various supplies, and four totes of items currently listed in my store. Right now it looks as though Hobby Lobby and Joann's have thrown up their craft goods right into the room. Oh, and I certainly cannot forget the Post Office, who too got sick with Priority Boxes being upchucked all over the room.

I really don't recall when it happened, but it did. I walked into the room one day and just as quickly, turned around and left. It saddens me to see such disorganization and utter chaos residing in the home of a self-declared neat freak. I finally decided, in order to condense my inventory and severely limit the amount of stock that I have on hand, to start creating custom listings in Two Seaside Babes. I will have 10 custom listings for my buckle beanies, which comprises the majority of items in stock right now. I will have 1 listing in each size (9 - 12 months, 1T - 2T, 2T - 4T, 4T - preteen, and adult) in both ONE color and TWO colors. I've already listed two and am quite hopeful about the prospects of this, considering the decent amount of views that I have received so far. Please click on a picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

Buyers will have the opportunity to choose from 22 colors of my wool/acrylic blend yearns that I currently have in stock, or that I can easily get. I've stated in the listings that two weeks production time is needed (but only for colors that I don't have in stock), but that hats can be completed in as little as one day. And for anyone who has ever requested a custom buckle beanie from me, they can vouch for my super fast turnaround time. Currently I am offering 22 colors that I have easy access to, either in stock, at the craft stores, or through my favorite suppliers. There are additional colors available, but I want to get a feel for them before I start buying yet even more supplies in bulk (and better yet, even more totes to store all the skeins). These are the colors that I am offering for my custom buckle beanie listings:

1 raspberry pink, 2 claret, 3 plum, 4 red wine, 5 black, 6 pumpkin, 7 pumpkin spice, 8 lemongrass, 9 olive green, 10 cream, 11 cornflower blue, 12 midnight blue, 13 taupe, 14 charcoal, 15 wheat, 16 barnwood brown, 17 oatmeal, 18 steel grey, 19 purple, 20 indigo blue, 21 moss green, 22 brown. Color received may vary slightly from color pictured due to monitor resolution and differing dye lots.

As always, these are the prices and sizes I am offering for ONE color:
$27.00 9 - 12 Month: 17" - 18"
$29.00 1T - 2T: 18" - 19 1/2"
$31.00 2T - 4T: 19 1/2" - 20 1/2"
$33.00 4T - preteen: 20 1/2" - 21 1/2"
$35.00 Adult: 21 1/2" +

TWO colors: add $2 to the price.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Featured Etsian: camillam

I met camillam through my Etsy team Homefront many months ago. I fell in love with her store from the very first moment. Sewing adorable bears in the most gorgeous of children's fabrics, I immediately requested her to create bears for my two little girls. For Christmas, Santa gave them each their very own plush bear, doll blankie, and for my oldest and purple for my youngest. They love them so! The bears go to bed with them every night, giving them hugs as they sleep in their beds. The doll blankies are keeping warm all the baby dolls in the house, not to mention most of the other hundred or so stuffed animals laying around. And the purses, toting around all the little things that precious girls seem to carry around with them. Click on any picture to find out more including prices and descriptions:

From military bears to prints specific to little girls and boys, the fabrics that camillam picks are what make her bears to absolutely loveable. Currently, I am particularly fond of her "Valentine Dancer", a bear any girl would love to receive for Valentine's Day. While I'm not Irish, seeing her "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" bears simply brings a wonderful smile to my face. Her military bears are a perfect gift to a little one with a Mama or Papa that will be or is deployed. Her bears serve as a perfect gift for any occasion, birthdays, Christmas, Confirmation, or simply just because.

Why do I love camillam's store so much? She has amazing communication. She gives you exactly what you asked for and impresses you with her sewing skills. She puts her love into every single piece that she creates and it definitely shows. Camillam is an Etsian that I would recommend to anyone looking for wonderful, well-made, affordable gifts for their little ones.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Ideas For Two Seaside Babes

I've started throwing around new ideas for Two Seaside Babes. I realized before Christmas that the majority of the items that I sold in my store were higher-priced items. I wanted to offer items that were priced lower in the hopes of attracting more spur-of-the-moment sales. I also wanted to start offering more variety my buyers in my store. Additionally, with the uncertainty's in regards to the CPSIA hearing, I am fearful of stockpiling an abundance of children's items. While they have approved the use of natural materials such as cotton and wool, I am still concerned as the bulk of my fibers are wool/acrylic blends.

I'm temporarily concentrating my efforts on housewares and adult items. While I am still offering my buckle beanies, baby and children's fuzzy blankies, and amigurumi, I am now offering wash cloths, facial scrubbies, bath puffs, and lighter weight cotton hats perfect for Spring and Easter. I'm also trying to offer much more bright colors, straying away from natural and neutral colors (for the time being). Please click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

In fact, these two cotton visor beanies are items that I have created, but have yet to list. In addition to offering just this plain beanie, I am also going to offer the option of this beanie with a white flower on it, and also my traditional buckle. I would like to offer a much more soft, colorful option with the upcoming cooler weather. While my typical wool/acrylic blend is wonderful for the cold months, I want to offer my hats for weather that is slightly cooler.

I have also tried out a new concept in my store. I am offering samples for only $1 with free shipping. Currently, I am offering this on two of my items: my large facial scrubbies and my mini facial scrubbies. It's a wonderful opportunity for my buyers to "test" out one large scrubbie or two mini scrubbies for only $1. In addition, if they decided they like it and come back to purchase a set, I will even take $1 off that future purchase! In the near future I plan on offering these $1 samples for the current colors I offer in wool/acrylic for my buckle beanies. I also plan on offering the $1 off for the future purchase of a buckle beanie too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Christmas Purchases of 2008

I was more than pleased with some of the wonderful items that I purchased from talented sellers on Etsy this Christmas. All of these items, given to my two daughters (2 and 3 years old) were the smash of the holiday gifts given.

The first were a set of plush bears, custom sewn by camillam. These super cute bears, in pink and purple, are squeezably soft and the perfect size for little one's hugs. My two girls have slept with theirs' every night since Santa placed them under the tree. Also, they received complimenting doll blankies, which have certainly helped to keep my girls' baby dolls warm this cold winter. And I cannot forget to mention the adorable matching purses, the perfect accessory for any growing girl.

A stocking stuffer that went over very well were the Christmas tree crayons that monsterbugblankets created just for my little girls. Not only are they perfect for little hands, and fun to color with, but they sure seemed tasty to my youngest (which I'm sure is bound to be a colorful gift for me at diaper change tomorrow).

These wonderfully brilliant crowns were custom sewn by niftykidstuff. Unbelievably well made in pink and purple, they are embroidered with my girls names. They love running around with these crowns on and can now fully enact the role of "princess".

Another stocking stuffer was these cool balloon balls made by KerrysCrafts. These ingenious balls are a wonderful solution to children who love to play with balloons, but who cannot resist the urge to pop every single one that you blow up. The adorable fabric weighs down the balloon just ever so slightly for a great game of toss and catch.

My girls also received tutus made by LellaBella. Again, made in pink and purple (like I had to tell you that), these super full tutus are perfect for dress up, and pretend play. My girls danced around in them immediately after ripping them from the wrapping paper.

Lastly, what princess would be complete without the fabulous wings that I purchased from pixie08. These wings are the perfect size for my little ones. I love that, unlike most wings that you might purchase, these are made in one piece. So one wing is not flopping around all over the place. My girls run around the house, flapping their arms, screaming "buzz", "buzz".

I would recommend every single one of these Etsians for fabulous gifts for little girls. My girls adore everything that Mama, Papa, and Santa had specially made for them. For 2009 Christmas presents I will be purchasing more from Etsians like these who make fabulous, well-made items, at wonderful prices. Please check them out. I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Here's wishing to a year filled with happiness, joy, and fulfilled dreams!

Thank you to all my customers, fellow Etsians, tweets, and followers of my blog. You have made 2008 a wonderful and successful year for Two Seaside Babes!