Sunday, September 14, 2008

Almost Done

I've been working fervently the past few weeks crocheting squares for my Victory Junction Gang Camp charity blanket. I'm so excited that I have finally finished all of my squares!

I started to whip-stitch them together. I had 12 all done and realized that I was not liking the way that it looked. While this method would have allowed me to finish much sooner, I was not happy with it. And I most certainly would not have been happy to have a child receive it like that. So I ripped it all apart.

I decided it was best to crochet a single stitch around the entire outside edge of each square. However, this added a half inch to the height and width, thus making the full dimensions of the blankie too large for the sizes that VJCG would like. So I had to alter my pattern. Good news, now I extra squares left! That means less to make on my next blankie.

I've already gotten 12 squares done with the trim around the outside. I have another 30 to go before I can finally stitch it back together. I'm hoping to finally be finished and be able to ship it to the camp by next weekend!

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