Monday, December 22, 2008

Two Seaside Babes on 1000 Markets

Yes, I've taken the plunge and opened up shop on 1000 Markets. This wonderful venue is a great opportunity for a seller to market their items absolutely free! So far, my shop contains basically my buckle beanies and some amigurumi. I'm slowly adding items to it such as my blankies, plushies, adult hats, and crocheted jewelry.

I'm very pleased with the views I have gotten so far. It has far exceeded my expectations and forced me to the conclusion that my attempt to open up shop on Artfire was a complete and utter waste of time and money. 1000 Markets is extremely user friendly, with bulk upload of photos, which allows for listing in mere minutes. Despite a few bugs that I think will eventually work itself out, I'm hopeful about my outlook here.

So check out Two Seaside Babes on 1000 Markets if you'd like. You'd know I'd love to see you!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

12 Hats for Save the Children

I've managed to complete 12 hats to donate to Save the Children. I would have liked to make more, but didn't realize that the deadline was the 31st! Well, 12 is better than none!

Thank you to all my past customers! Your sales have allowed me to purchase yarn to create these hats and to mail them off.

I truly hope these hats bring warmth and happiness to the mothers and babies that receive them!

Featured Etsian: Cutesie Clips

I find it almost impossible to get children's hair clips that won't fall apart after a few wearings. Or that won't be torn apart by my two little tomboys. I've known cutesieclips for some time now, as we are both members of the Etsy Team Homefront. She makes the most adorable clips and I've had my eye on them for quite a long time now. I finally broke down one night, when she was having one of her amazing Saturday Night Specials, a purchased a ton of them for my babes.

I was delighted at her amazing communication. I received the clips quite speedily and was super impressed with how well-made they were. No amount of tugging, ripping, or chewing from my babes has remotely tainted the cuteness of the clips. These are just two of the many that I purchased. Click on any picture to learn more including descriptions and prices:

I had to refrain from buying up the store, as she has so many unbelievably cute clips. With so many to choose from, including seasonal, flowers, animals, food, and colossal flowers, you are sure to get a super cute clip at an amazing price.
Don't forget about the gift sets, which include the hair clips and Clip and Carry. The Clip and Carry is a definite must for those mothers serious about spoiling their babes in clip cuteness. Super functional, they keep all your clips in one place.

With amazing customer service, great communication, beautiful and well-made clips, cutesie clips is an Etsy store that should definitely be on your shopping list this holiday season. True to her tag line, cutesie clips is definitely "making the world cute one clip at a time".

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yes, I'm Bragging (just for a second)

Ok, so I've had a bit of good fortune this week. I managed to have three treasuries that I was in make it to the front page. What did that mean for me? Not a thing...not a single sale or convo because of it. Not ungrateful here, but nonetheless, still want to toot my own horn (if only for a second).

05 December 2008 - picked by redheart13

03 December 2008- picked by opheliamiler

02 December 2008 - picked by GoldenTwine

Friday, December 5, 2008

Save The Children Hats

A few months ago I received a link to Save the Children, a wonderful charitable organization that donates to children in developing countries, in the United States, in emergencies and crisis, and in sponsorship. Specifically, my interest was perked by the Knit One Save One campaign, which aims to save the lives of children under the age of 5 by donating crocheted and knit caps to mothers in developing countries.

Two Seaside Babes will crochet and donate one hat for every five sales made in the store for an indefinite period of time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale

Starting Black Friday (28th) and continuing through Cyber Monday (1st), I will be offering Buy One Get One (BOGO) 1/2 off everything in Two Seaside Babes. This includes clearance items! The second item must be equal to or less than the first. Sale does not include S/H charges.

What can Two Seaside Babes offer for those on your gift -giving list this holiday season? How about hats, sized from newborn to adult with many different styles available (click on any picture for further information including prices and descriptions):

How about a blanket for the baby on the way? Or a lovie for your child? Perhaps a pillow to compliment their room decor:

Maybe you're looking for some smaller gifts, or stocking stuffers. One of Two Seaside Babes' amigurumi, plushies, or jewelry is sure to bring a smile to someones face:

Enjoy shopping at Two Seaside Babes. Don't forget, to get BOGO 1/2 off everything in the store, simply put "Black Friday" in the notes to seller and wait for a revised invoice. Happy Holidays from Two Seaside Babes!
Want to leave your Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale on my blog? Leave a comment for all to see!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Buckle Beanie

Need to find the perfect hat for the hard-to-shop-for person on your gift list this holiday season? Want something unique that stands out and doesn't look like mass-produced hats found in chain stores? Come to Two Seaside Babes and discover the buckle beanie. I stumbled upon the creation of this pattern by accident. It made the front page of Etsy a while back and I've found that most customers truly enjoy the many different colors, styles, and sizes that I offer in my store.

I typically crochet my buckle beanies in a wool/acrylic blend yarn. What does this mean for you? No scratchies! This yarn is super thick and soft, so it not only holds it shape very well, but keeps your noggin toasty warm in the cold weather. My buckle beanies can be made in one single color or they can be made in two separate colors. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

You don't necessarily like my wool/blend yarn? I also crochet my buckle beanies in 100% wool, cotton, or acrylic. The wool beanies are even more warm and particularly appealing to those looking for a more "green" option in a hat. I also offer acrylic for those, despite the softness of the wool/blend yarn, that still get the scratches. It is a wonderful alternative, still creating a soft, thick, warm hat with tons more color options available! I also crochet my buckle beanies in cotton, as a lighter weight option. These cotton buckle beanies are perfect for when the weather is cool, such as spring or fall:

I can crochet you your very own buckle beanie, in almost every color or textile imaginable. Want a little something extra to make it stand out even more? Try a textured buckle beanie. Or perhaps a cap as opposed to the beanie. Why not substitute the buckle with a flower, for those really "girly" girls on your list. Have a boy that likes the buckle beanie? Substitute the rounded buckle for a square one. The options are limitless.

Regardless of the buckle beanie you pick from my store, or if you have one custom made, you will love the new and stylish look the buckle beanie will offer you.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Featured Etsian: Baby Love Blankies

My featured Etsian of the day is Baby Love Blankies. Wanting to have a custom baby set created for my Sister-in law and a very dear friend of mine, I stumbled upon Baby Love Blankies through my Etsy team, Homefront. After picking out the fabric of my choice, Baby Love Blankies made two beautiful blankie, itsy bitsy blankie, burp cloth, and bib sets for them, which they absolutely adored. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices:

And, it is worth a definite mention the mini spy bag she threw in for absolutely free (it's on my to-do list to get another from her). She has dozens in mini and regular sizes and they are definitely a life-saver when you have an antsy toddler (or two) in the checkout line:

With excellent communication, dedication to quality work, and wonderful customer service, Baby Love Blankies is definitely an Etsy store that I recommend to those that are expecting. With numerous minky blankets, itsy bitsy blankies, spy bags, burp cloths, and gift sets, you are sure to find baby gifts for all your friends and family during the holidays.

Featured Etsian: The Skipper's Wife

I decided I would like to start featuring various Etsians whose work deserves some extra mention. The first one that comes to mind is a lovely woman, who coincidentally was the first Etsian I ever made a purchase from. I'd like you to meet The Skipper's Wife.

As a skipper's wife, and a skipper's mother, she crafts luxurious soaps and beautiful jewelry, all with a natural and nautical theme. I purchased two soaps from her, Creamy Cucumber and Summer Fling. I was pleasantly surprised when my package arrived and she had even thrown in an extra bar of soap! I was even more surprised at the wonderful scent that filled my bathroom when I unwrapped the bars of soap. Click on any picture to find out more including descriptions and prices.

Have you ever bought a bar of soap and literally wanted to lick it, just to see if it tasted as luxurious as it smells? Disgusting as that may seem (and no, I've never licked a bar of soap, at least willingly), there is no better way to describe the wonderful scents of The Skipper's Wife's soaps. In fact, my daughter must have loved scent of the soaps too, since she literally took a bite out of Summer Fling.

I asked The Skipper's Wife to make me a personal soap made of lavender and chamomile. When I received it (absolutely free), she had made it exactly to my specifications. There is nothing quite as relaxing as the scent of lavender and chamomile at the end of a long, hard day. I was tickled pink that she even choose to name it after me!

Here are some more wonderful soaps and beautiful jewelry that can be found at The Skipper's Wife. While I've never purchased any jewelry, it remains in my favorites as ideas for future gifts for others (or myself):

So, with the holidays approaching quickly, it's best to check out The Skipper's Wife for some great soaps and jewelry. With wonderful communication, fast shipping, and superb customer service, you'll definitely want to come back again!